Saturday, October 27, 2007

Journalism 101

According to public records of the Federal Election Commission, reporters give democrats money over republicans 9 to 1. This confirms polls that show that over 80% of journalists claim to be democrats.

This is no big deal if these journalists follow the guidelines of journalism they learned in journalism 101. But, the facts show that they do not.

As you probably well know, media headlines are often twisted so you, the reader, see only the story the way the reporter wants you to. That’s fine when you’re reading the editorial page, but not the front page.

Here’s a paragraph from a recent Reuters report:

“The White House said it was studying the proposal. Bush has sought to make permanent earlier tax cuts, while Democrats would like to let tax reductions for the wealthiest expire.”

Look, the statement, “tax reductions for the wealthiest,” is an editorial statement. It’s an opinion. Opinions belong on the editorial page, not in a news story.

Now, if this was a quote from someone, then it would be okay. However, if it was a quote, then the reporter would have to hunt down a person of the other position and get a quote from him or her too. This article did not have that.

The old media used to do this, but sometime after the late 1960s they forgot what they learned in Journalism 101: show both sides of the story, the reporter’s opinions do not belong in the story, contact at least 2 people who support and two people oppose, try to be fair to all political positions, and, on the editorial page, at least try to have people of all positions on staff.

I know this was taught in school because I have a degree in journalism and I was a journalist. I was there. I was part of it.

Fox News found a nice niche hear, and all they had to do was go back to the basics of journalism 101. And, while their ratings have gone through the roof, the old media are grasping at their elderly audience hoping to keep them from learning about the New Media.

Rush Limbaugh loves the old media’s bias; he thrives on it. In fact, he's made a living by it. So does Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and the entire Fox News Network.

The old media doesn’t tell us how many of our enemies have been killed. They don’t tell us how many of the people trying to kill our troops have been killed. They don’t tell us how many terrorist plots have been ended. Doing this would not move forward their agenda. This, however, is bad journalism.

They don’t tell us how many terrorist leaders have been killed or rendered useless because they have been on the run, nor do they tell us any of the good things that have come out of the War on Terror, such as the fact that 56 million people have been liberated. And they have done little if any reporting on a new study that shows the death toll in Iraq has diminished by 70% the past 3 months.

It's sad, but if it weren't for the new media, I would not know of these things. I listen to reporters claiming things like, "I wanted to make a difference." Here's a note to that reporter: it's not your job to make a difference, it's your job to report the news, and all of it.

They don’t tell us about all the children who are now going to school in third world nations like Iraq and Afghanistan instead of participating in terror training camps. They don’t tell us that the majority of explosions in Iraq are caused by terrorist thugs coming into Iraq from Syria and Iran, and instead tell us there is a Civil War going on in Iraq.

They tell us often about the poll results showing 80% of Iraqis not wanting to be occupied, but they don’t tell us that nobody would want to be occupied. What they also don’t tell us is that 80% of Iraqis, including the Iraqi government, doesn’t want us to leave either.

They are mum about polls showing 80% of Iraqis being excited to have their God given freedoms of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the new Constitution of Iraq, of which Iraqis voted for.

The New York Times recently reported that the U.S. was fighting in Iraq at the expense of fighting in Afghanistan, or hunting for Bin Laden. However, the same week this report came out, 125 Taliban were killed in Afghanistan. This was not even mentioned in America’s “Elite” newspaper.

The media doesn’t tell you this because they don’t want you to know anything good is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else the U.S. is fighting the War on Terror. Or, at least that’s what it looks like to people like me.

Who cares that most journalists are democrats, so long as they report the news as they were educated in journalism 101. Hey, all you folks at the Times, pull out that old Journalism 101 book, blow off the dust.

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