Saturday, November 10, 2007

The left went right and won

It is a fallacy that democrats won the 2006 election because of the War in Iraq. The fact that their approval rating is now down to 35% (26% in one poll), is my proof. Wait! According to a September Zogby poll, it's ratings are down to 11%.

Even after democrats sent a bill setting a timetable for removal of troops from Iraq, something they say Americans want, their approval numbers still went down. If Americans really supported the idea of surrendering in Iraq, you’d think the democratic Congress’s approval numbers would be sky high.

The 2006 midterm democratic victory was more than simply a vote against the War in Iraq, it was a vote against big government. A republican president and a republican Congress failed to stop frivolous and wasteful government spending, and the American people were tired of it.

Democratic candidates for congress were aware of this, and ran to the right of republicans on this issue. The democrats won the 2006 midterm elections because they ran on a conservative agenda. Believe it or not, that is why we are looking at a democratic majority right now.

They promised to cut government spending, and that’s what the people want. They want a small, responsible government, not a big bloated beast that government is now.

However, once democrats were in office they misinterpreted this democratic mandate as a mandate against the War in Iraq. So under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid democrats tried to implement a timetable for defeat.

Note: the American public hates war, which is why every wartime president has had low ratings in the polls. Polk did, Lincoln did, FDR did and Bush does. Low polls do not mean Americans want to give up or lose.

What the American people want is a more conservative government, which is what they thought they got when they elected Bush in 2000 and 2004. But he let them down by actually increasing the size of government with his new medicare program, letting Ted Kennedy write an the "No Child Left Behind Act", supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, and the fact he did not veto one spending bill, however frivolous or pork filled, before the midterm elections.

They are sick and tired of their well earned money going to wasteful government programs, something republicans have done nothing to stop since Ronald Reagan.

That is why they voted the republicans into the House in 1994, and ultimately to the Senate. But the republicans did not get the job done. By 2006, Americans gave up on Bush and voted for democrats, who ran to the right of republicans.

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