Saturday, December 1, 2007

We must keep world opinion in perspective

The United States has never been viewed in a positive light by ALL nations of the world. I know that's kind of blunt, but it's a fact.

Many nations support the U.S. tooth and nail. Many have borrowed ideas from our Constitution, and yet they envy us. Others eschew our values altogether.

Yet common among all these nations is a love of their own nation ahead of that of these United States. Many have helped us in our quest to protect our own freedom and to encourage democracy around the world. We honor and praise those nations.

Hardly a nation will put the United States before its own national pride, and understandably so. Therefore, above all else, we must watch our back regardless of world opinion.

Following the Revolutionary War, few nations respected the U.S., and, considering we had no military at that time and were a feeble nation, any one country might have jumped in for the kill.

My point is: envy and hatred of these United States is nothing new. Therefore, we, as a nation, must do what is in the best interest of the United States because no one else will.

I’m not saying we should not work hard to maintain good relations with other nations, in fact we must and will. But terrorist thugs hate and want to kill us, and, therefore, we must stop these thugs in their tracks.

We must not place international popularity ahead of keeping America safe.

Only after our safety is ensured can we consider domestic issues. I’m not saying domestic issues aren’t important, but meaningless if our freedom is swept from under our feet.

So when a medium publishes a poll showing a poor world opinion of the U.S., we must place this poll in perspective with history, and understand the perspective role the U.S. plays in the world today

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