Saturday, December 8, 2007

SNAGs on the rise, we may be doomed

In my last post I wrote about being bored. In this post, I write about what happens to men when they take boredom too far. When you they have nothing better to do, they start to worry about things they never would have worried about before.

You know the type, because you read their works all the time in the newspapers, or read about what they have to say in the tabloids, or watch them as they give interviews on TV. They are the girly men that are now referred to as SNAGs.

That is: Sensitive New Age Geeks. I knew about them, but never heard about this term until I read, "Crazies to the left of me, and wimps to the right," by Bernard Goldberg.

Rush Limbaugh refers to these guys as girly men. He refers to it as the "femanisation of America." Where instead of using your manliness and commonsense you start making decisions based on your feelings. And you start to worry about things that men don't worry about.

I'm not being anti-woman here, I'm just stating an observation.

Here are some examples of what a SNAG might think, according to Goldberg:

  • "that we're too mean to terrorists and lock them up in bad places"

  • "despite tons of evidence to the contrary, we still live in a racist country"

  • I'm worried about global warming, that sometime soon the world's going to end if we don't do something soon, that the glaciers are going to melt

He didn't make up this name SNAG, but it's just funny to me. These are guys, "girly men" who worry about things instead of being like normal guys.

He writes: "Real men say, 'kill every last one of those bastard terrorists, and I don't care how you do it.' Real Men vote for Republicans."

Real men want to go into another country and kick ass, while SNAGS worry about the feelings of all the innocent people who will be killed.

Obviously, we need to take care of the planet, but we definitely shouldn't stress that it's going to blow up in three years. What fun would we have if we did worry about it? How boring would our lives be?

And if we worried about the feelings of the people that are trying to kill us, then we're doomed. That's just my opinion anyway.

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