Friday, January 25, 2008

Economic stimulus package works for me

I am very impressed at how fast the president and congress worked to get this economic stimulus package through. It still has to be finalized, but it looks as thought it's going to get done.

I listened to a commentary the other day where the person was complaining that Bush was not the right man to fix the economy, but I don't agree with that person. I think Bush is the perfect man, especially considering he did it before.

History has proven time and again that the best way to get out of a recession, or to stave off a recession, is via tax cuts. We can have a discussion or debate over why that is in a later post.

But historically, tax cuts have worked, so it only makes sense that this was part of the package.
Well, I don't think I'm going to get a tax cut, but businesses are. I suppose the purpose of this is to create an incentive for them to create more jobs. That sounds logical to me.

But I really like this part of the bill because my family could really use the $1,800 or whatever the government is going to give me. But I'm not going to use it the way the government hopes: I will pay off debt.

Why can't congress and the president get together and pass other bills this quickly? Why can't they get together and pass a bill to secure our borders to end the illegal immigration fiasco?

That was a dumb question I know. The answer is because George Bush is trying to create a republican dynasty, and future republican candidates need these problems to go unsolved so they can cater to voters by devising solutions to these problems.

You know the #1 political rule: In order to get elected there has to be a problem that you have the best solution to. Democrats are the best at doing this by telling poor people that they will solve their problems with more government programs catered to help them.

Democrats also cater to Mexicans by telling them they will grant illegal Mexican immigrants amnesty. And, of course, once these illegal immigrants are legal, they will be poor and in need of governmental help themselves. And, when the democrats offer them governmental solutions to their problems, they will vote democratic when they are finally legal.

Republicans, on the other hand, know there is a public outcry for a fence, and they propose to build a fence. If Bush put up that fence he might lose the votes of the people of whom this is their top priority.

Republicans also know there is a public outcry to make abortion illegal. If the Conservative Supreme Court ended up making abortion illegal, then the Christian vote would be up for grabs.

That is politics in a nutshell. Instead of just doing what is right all the time, they wait until their backs are to the wall. And, with many experts saying "recession" Bush and Congress were pressed hard against the way, and they acted.

The goal here is that people will spend this money, which sounds funny to me becasue isn't that how we got to the point we need a stimulus package in the first place, that people spent money they didn't have. How do you spend yourself out of debt.

Like I said, my wife and I are not going to spend our money, perhaps the rest of the country ought to do the same.

Part of the tax stimulus package calls for giving money to people who never paid taxes in the first place. Is that a good idea? What did they do to deserve it? Isn't' this called handouts?

Okay, so we can look past that. That's what Bush needed to throw in to get a compromise, and compromises are good because that's how we became a nation in the first place.

So, without looking at U.S economy as a whole, the stimulus package works well for me. I'm going to take my money and run.

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