Friday, January 18, 2008

It's time the black community voted republican

This is something I've been thinking about lately, but why do 80% of the black population in the United States continue to vote for democratic candidates.

I think it has been this way since about the 1880s. The democratic candidates have been catering to the needy blacks, telling them that they can solve their problems with more government programs.

It has been over 130 years now since a majority of blacks voted republican, and yet the economic situation of the black community has gone unchanged. Isn't it about time the black community realized that more government is not the solution to the problems that ail them.

And I'm not talking about race issues. Yes, I believe there are still racist bigots living in this nation, but this has improved immensely in the past 40 years. But that is not what this post is about. It's about the black economic situation, of which I think sucks.

I think you could ask this question too: why do the poor continue to vote for democrats, when the number of poor people in this nation has actually increased slightly since the 1960s "War on Poverty."

Democrats, and I suppose some republicans too, keep telling blacks that they will provide them this government program or this government program to help them out, and, well, it has not worked. Not only has it not worked, millions of Americans are trapped in poverty because they have become dependent on the governnment.

I think blacks would be better off voting for a candidate for president who will remove the governmental barriers standing between blacks and success, who will encourage and teach them how to take full advantage of their freedom to improve their lot in life, and to move up the social ladder.

Black teenagers need to be encouraged to look around to the people they are associated with and say, "Do I want to be like this when I grow up?" If the answer is no, then they do have the opportunity, in America, to do something about it.

But, they have to have the desire to do something about it. For example, you can provide a free education to the black students, but you cannot force them to study. You can provide jobs to poor blacks, but you cannot force them to take these jobs, and you cannot force them to work hard if they do take these jobs.

It's time that the black caucus vote for a candidate who champions freedom and greatness and power of the American people to solve their own problems, as opposed to government solving their problems.

Because the government cannot solve problems. As the black community is unfortunately proof on one thing, and that is that the promise of more government to help needy only makes the problem worse.

I think it's time we ask this question too: Why do our educators, our teachers union members, continue to vote for democrats when the level of education in this country has not improved in the past 40 years by promises made by democrats.

Why not give poor blacks in poor neighborhoods the opportunity to choose which schools they go to. Why not try something different. Why continue to send them to failing schools when there are other options out there.

There is no excuse for the majority of black people in this nation to continue to suffer in poor neigborhoods and poverty. There is no excuse that the black community, despite the poor treatment of blacks for so many years, are not economically better off 150 years after Emancipation Proclamation was passed into law granting them their well deserved and God given freedom.

I like what Bill Cosby writes about blacks, and how they need to stop blaming other people for their poor economic and social standing and start taking responsibility for their own lives. They need to take a good hard look at themselves. They need to learn how to speak proper. They need to dress proper. They need to act proper. They need to stop having babies when they are in their teenage years. Black fathers need to start being a part of their children's lives.

Statistics show that almost 80% of black children are growing up in one parent households. Statistics also show that a majority of children growing up in one parent households grow up to live in poverty, and, in many cases, prison.

It's time the black community voted for a presidential candidate who will encourage discipline and prayer in public school. There's no reason kids can't bow their head for 1 minute every morning and silently pray, or not pray. There's no reason kids cannot be disiplined for poor behavior and poor grades in school.

I watched a movie, Coach Carter, the other night, which was based on a true story. When his players got poor grades on their progress reports, he canceled the every game until they got their grades back up.

School officials were upset with him saying that basketball was important to those kids, and in many cases it was the only thing they had to look forward to; it was their only hope, especially when 50% of kids at that school dropped, and 90% didn't go on to college. They did not want the change that Coach Carter was instituting.

Coach Carter said (paraphrasing), "I think it is wrong that you place basketball ahead of getting an education." And, with his leadership, many of his kids grew on to succeed in life.

It's time the black community, and the impoverished community too, voted for change. It's time they voted republican.

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Elroy said...

Too many black kids are taught that they can't succeed on their own. They are taught that the world is racists and that the only way they will succeed is with government help. I think that is why they gravitate to the democrat party because it is the party of government solutions. It will be interesting though to see if blacks keep voting democrat if the democrat party starts pandering more to Hispanics.