Friday, February 22, 2008

The ideal media: the "All News Network"

I would like to see the creation of a new media outlet that is truly fair, honest and balanced in its reporting and on its editorial page. I even have a name for it: ALL News Network.

Our motto would be, "All News Network: All the news, all the time, from all the angles."

All our anchors on our morning news show, "All Morning," will make no effort to hide their political opinions, however they will try to provide three enjoyable newsworthy, educational and entertaining hours for "all" viewers.

We will have the Conservative Evening News with Britt Hume followed by the Liberal Evening News by Dan Rather. These two broadcasts will then be followed by "All Headline News" which will attempt to provide just the headlines of the biggest stories of the day.

Primetime will feature the editorial page of the Network, which will start with The New Gingrich Hour followed by the Robert Reich Machine. At 10 p.m. we will have a debate show out of the mold of Hannity and Colmes.

We will create "All Magazine" and "All Newspaper" which will provide America with the news by a wide array of reporters of various personal backgrounds, and there will be no secret their political affiliation, as the stories will be preceeded by: Bill Brown, Republican, Reporter; or Clay Wilson, Democrat, News Editor; or Bob Johnson, Conservative Independent, Reporter.

The editorial page will consist of opinions from an array of viewpoints, so that all political affiliations will feel welcome on the page. The Conservative Editors will provide the Conservative Viewpoint of the paper, and the Liberal Editors will provide the liberal viewpoint of the paper.

And there may be times when there is a conjoined opinion where all the editors are in concordance on an issue, and in such a case there will only be one "our opinion."

A media network like this would be nice because then people who like to stay open minded about the news, to get it from all angles and from all points of view, don't have to watch both CNN and Fox, or read both Time and National Review, or surf the net. They will get all their news at the "All News Network."

You cannot get brainwashed at the "All News Network." It's the only place you can get "All the news from all the angles."


Nikki said...

LOVE IT!!! Can I have my own show? I will be right leaning and proud to admit it!!! :)N

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Beverly said...

I love your idea.