Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conservatives are not anti-choice

Another fallacy one hears about quite often via liberals in the media is that because Conservatives are pro-life they therefore have no respect for a woman's right to choose.

Truth is, most conservatives are pro-life, but they are NOT against a woman’s right to choose.


That’s right: conservatives are more for a woman’s right to choose than liberals. Liberals believe you have a right to kill your unborn baby or keep it alive, but they are not necessarily pro-choice.

Sean Hannity writes, in his book, “Let Freedom Ring:”

“When it comes to women’s freedom to choose better, safer schools for their children -- they’re anti-choice. The left opposes tuition tax credits, vouchers, K-12 educational savings accounts, and most other forms of parental choice in education.

“The left,” Hannity continues, “does not support a woman’s right to choose a handgun and carry it in her purse in case she might need it to defend her life or the life of her children… The left does not believe in choice when it comes to hardworking folks choosing personal retirement accounts within the context of social security, with the potential of yielding 2-3 times the earning of the Social Security system which gives them less than a poultry 2% return on their money.

“So, while we see the left making a lot of noise about choice, we see that choice itself is not the issue. The left doesn’t champion individual rights in a host of other areas and prefers to cede control over those decisions to government. No, this isn’t about freedom, unless you mean in its narrowest of context.”

The media would never tell you that. They’d simply say, "He’s anti-choice."

A columnist, E.J. Dionne, wrote of conservatives, "If you are for family values, how can you oppose Kennedy's call to give all employees at least seven days of paid leave a year so they don't face 'a cruel choice between losing their job, or neglecting their sick child or sick spouse at home.' Who can disagree that companies should make it easier for parents to 'attend a PTA meeting or a school play or sports contest'? Why, in short, shouldn't liberals challenge the economic marketplace to be more friendly to the needs of families?"

David Limbaugh, in his book "Bankrupt," writes that E.J. Dionne "misses the point. Liberals aren't just challenging the marketplace to be friendlies. They are using the coercive power of government to force employers to comply with these circumstances."

In other words, liberals aren't willing to allow businesses the right to choose, but want to force their hand on this issue. Conservatives believe in the right of businesses to chose.

Conservatives believe parents should have a choice where there children go to school so they don't have to send their children to failing schools, or they can choose to send their children to private schools via vouchers. Conservatives believe every person should have health care, but the best means of doing this is not by forcing all Americans to buy into a universal health care program.

Conservatives also believe if an individual doesn't want to have health care, he should have that choice too. If a person wants to spend all his money on material items and not plan for retirement, that's his choice. However, he might have to suffer the consequences later.

Conservatives believe in choice when it comes to abortion too. They believe, if the Constitution were followed, a woman would have a choice whether she lives in a state where abortion is legal or one where abortion is not legal.

It is not okay for anyone to force his or her views on anybody else. But that’s exactly what happened with Rowe -v- Wade. And that's exactly what would happen if the religious right got its way and abortion were made illegal.

Liberals should not be able to force their views on America any more than conservatives. That goes for the media too.

Despite this, the media continues to toss those conservative onions in the blender. That’s okay, so long as you know they are doing it so you can cover your eyes and plug your nose.

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Khaki Elephant said...

So true concerning the term "choice." I've always found it amazing that liberals can be called "pro-choice" based on one issue.