Monday, April 28, 2008

It's time for new strategy for peace in Middle East

As I'm reading the NYtimes today and learn about a mother and her four children being killed by an Israeli missile, I feel for her and wonder if there will ever be peace in the Middle East; will there ever be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

I get so tired of hearing about Israel's attacks on the Palestinians, and hearing so little about the Palestinian attacks on Israel. It's almost as though there's an effort here to make Israel look like the bad guy.

I get tired of hearing about Innocent civilians getting wounded and killed all the time in the Middle East in general, as are the majority of people in the world. All my life I've heard about efforts to create peace in the Middle East, and yet there is still violence there. It appears obvious to me that whatever efforts at peace are going on over there, it is not working. It's time to try something different.

According to a article released today, Israel is constantly on watch for militants in the Gaza strip because, in the past, Hamas has send several missiles into Israel in an attempt to terrorize Israel. As we all know, Hamas is a terrorist group with the intent of refusing to recognize Israel as a Nation State and not being satisfied until Israel is destroyed.

The Times writes that "The killings prompted vows of revenge and seemed likely to complicate Egyptian efforts to mediate a cease-fire between Hamas, the militant Islamist group that rules Gaza, and Israel."

Likewise, the Palestinian Authority condemned the killings of the mom and her four children (as it should), and confirmed that this would hurt the recent efforts of Egypt to negotiate a six month cease fire between the Palestinians and Israel.

Let me make a side note here and state the obvious so I don't get attacked for not caring. I think Israel should make every effort not to harm civilians like the mom and her four children who were killed today. And Israel must always make every effort to make sure civilians are not killed in the crossfire, especially when the Innocent aren't always so Innocent

However, I am also aware that it is a common strategy of terrorists to make their bases in highly populated areas, and to use innocent civilians (churches for example) as cover. In these instances, it is often impossible to not involve civilians in the crossfire if the terrorists are to be taken care of.

Of course, we here at Freadom Nation know that if the Palestinians truly wanted to end violence between itself and Israel, all they'd have to do is stop terrorizing Israel and vow to accept Israel as a Nation State and start working with them as peaceful neighbors. But, the truth be known, the Palestinians are not interested in Peace with Israel. If they truly were interested in peace, they would have signed the Oslo Accords offered by Bill Clinton, where the Israeli's offered the Palestinians every thing they wanted.

While a peace treaty is still in the workings, " Israeli officials have been exceedingly cautious in their public statements about such a truce offer because they do not trust Hamas and fear that it seeks a truce simply to give itself the time and breathing room to arm more heavily."

Nonetheless, Condeleeza Rice and George Bush will be in the area soon to push forth efforts for peace in the region. Personally, I think this is basically just a political front, because no American can possibly still believe peace is still possible in Israel by the current means of negotiations. As we know, You cannot negotiate with terrorists. All they will do is stab you in the back.

How many clashes between nations as severe as those between Israel and the Palestinians have been resolved by negotiations anyway? Did the Japanese and Germans conform to modern ways before they were forced that way by war? Would Britain have handed over Independence to the Colonists without war? Would the Southern States have willingly given up slavery and gave up the foolish idea of seceding the Union without war?

The logical answer is a big fat NO.

Thus, the people of the world need to stop being wusses and allow the Israelis to duke it out with those who wish to destroy their nation. Israel can make a statement like, "If you terrorize, we will hunt you down and destroy not only you, but the organizations that sent you (Hamas), and any Nation State that harbors your kind (Syria)."

One of the main reason why organizations like the U.N. will not allow this to happen is because there are many nations in the U.N. who are anti-Sematic (that means they hate Israel and what it stands for.)

However much all people of the world do not like war and the consequences of it, I believe that the only way to peace in the Middle East is to allow the Israelis to destroy the organizations and Nation States who constantly terrorizing its people.

If Israel wins this war, (of which they probably would) they would control the region and there would be peace between the Israelis and any Palestinians who chose to stay in the region. If the Palestinians won, then the Israelis will more than likely either be forced to conform to the Palestinians way, or leave.

Either way, there would finally be peace in that region.

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Nikki said...

Freadom this is a subject near and dear to my heart having spent 6 months in Israel when I was 19 with BYU. I agree with you that peace is not looking so good. The hatred that is taught by arabs to their youth is astounding. It is also zionist liberal jews here in the United States that push the most for reliquishing land to the Palestinians. No country has faired better from the Iraq war than Israel and I think some behind the scene negotiations were made for consessions from Israel...little did we know the Palestinians would elect Hamas as the ruling government. I could go on for hours on this subject...nice job and great topic! :)N