Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Conservatives are uncaring, idiots, fools & bigots; That's what they'd have you think anyway

Be careful what you read, because they will try to hypnotise you into believing you are a fool. Do not look at the object on the right, as they will try to spin your ideas and beliefs and make people think you are wrong when you are actually right.

You know it and I know it, but they will have you made to be nothing more than an idiot who is too blind to see the truth: that conservatives are blubbering idiots who fail to see the truth.

That is what the liberal campaign has been for the past several years, and, to some extent, they are succeeding in this attempt at shaping the minds of people across the fruited plain. And why not, they have the resources available of which to do this: they own the majority of mainstream media outlets and the schools.

According to most liberals in the media, and most liberals in general, conservatives are anti-stem cell research, anti-gay, racist and bigoted. I’ve seen all of these terms used at one point or another. Conservatives also don't care about the environment, don't want all people to have health care, don't care about a woman's right to chose, are pro-war and anti-peace, arrogant, Hitler-like and the list goes on.

The positions that conservatives take, the comments conservatives make about their positions, are spun by liberal elites and taken out of contexts to convince the general public that conservatives are idiots and liberals are the messiah.

It’s as though any conservative remark is twisted and twirled and chopped like an onion caught up in the blades of a blender at high speed, the resulting product needing to be poured out because it’s a liquid pile of gook.

When a conservative talks about how he is against government funding of FETAL stem cell research, liberals claim that “he is against ALL stem cell research.”

When a conservative talks about being against gay marriage, liberals write, “She is anti-gay.”

When a conservative says he’s against Affirmative action, liberals write, “he is a racist bigot.”

When a conservative says he’s pro life, liberals chant, “He’s against a woman’s right to choose.”

When a conservative charges that she supports the idea of going on offense in the overall War on Terror, it's because she does not want to see world peace, and would prefer to do the opposite and start an unnecessary war, resulting in the killing of millions of innocent civilians and American soldiers.

That conservative support of Israel and conservatives unwillingness to talk with terrorists means again that they are anti peace warmongers; cowboys if you will.

I am here today, and in various posts in the next few weeks, to reassure you that none of these liberal chants are true, and I will tackle each issue one at a time, in a pithy manner, and prove liberals wrong once again.

While the new media is making strong headway in making sure the American people are not mislead by the mainstream media or liberal teachers, there is still a lot of progress to be made.

While the New York Times continues to release articles about how arrogant cowboys who don't care about the planet, new media outlets like Fox News, talk radio, the blogosphere, and making sure that people get all the facts so they can make in informed opinion, rather than absorb the spin from the media as the way it is.

And then, thank God, we have the blogosphere, and that is where you and I fit in. With this new revolution, we now all have a voice. Stay tuned.


Mike said...

Freadom, in your future pithy posts, will you be providing any actual evidence to back up your claims, or should we all continue to accept what you say on faith?

For example, can you show the numbers that back up your claim that liberals own "the majority of mainstream media outlets"? It is my understanding that most media in the US is controlled by huge corporations such as News Corp (Fox), Viacom, Clear Channel, and Gannett (who published USA Today.) And how about GE and Disney to round it out?

The fact that conservatives are wrong on most issues is not the fault of the so-called liberal media, it's the fault of the conservatives, who are wrong on most issues.

Freadom said...

Yes I can. I can prove that greater than 80% or more of teachers and reporters support the democratic party. There have been many polls on this over the years.

Nikki said...

I'm gonna chime in on this one...Liberals tend to think if there is anything positive regarding conservatives or republicans at all in the news is because there is a conservative in the seat or behind the desk. Maybe just maybe conservatives aren't always wrong and liberals aren' always right...liberals would like to think so but claiming that the media is conservative to me is pretty funny. :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

I do love the way Clinton and her supporters have been complaining for months about how she is being treated by the media. She is the opponent of the liberal golden child and is being treated as such.