Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCain looking impressive today

What the American people want, according to the polls, is a government that is responsible and in tune to what they want. They want fewer taxes and fewer government programs and a strong military.

Thus, McCain was right on with what the American people want, when he said:
"As president, I will also order a prompt and thorough review of the budgets of every federal program, department, and agency. While that top-to-bottom review is underway, we will institute a one-year pause in discretionary spending increases with a necessary exemption of military spending and veterans' benefits."
And he was in touch with the American people when he said:

"I will send the Congress a proposal to cut the taxes these employers pay from a
rate of 35 to 25%. I will also send to the Congress a middle class tax cut, a complete phase-out of the Alternative Minimum Tax to save more than 25 million middle-class families more than $2,000 every single year. I'll send to Congress a reform to increase the exemption with a goal of doubling it from $3,500 to $7,000 for every dependent in every family in America."

And, once again, he is right on when he said this:

I propose that the federal government suspend all taxes on gasoline now paid by the American people, from Memorial Day to Labor Day of this year. The effect will be an immediate economic stimulus, taking a few dollars off the price of a tank of gas every time a family, a farmer, or a trucker stops to fill up."

He has also said that he will definitely extend the Bush tax cuts.

Keep in mind winning the office of the president is not about catering to conservatives, or liberals or the middle, but catering to all Americans. And we will all benifit by what McCain proposes here.

What a better way to generate trust in government than to hold government agencies accountable, to stimulate the economy by cutting taxes and reducing government waste, and providing more trust in individuals that they (we) are the one's with the power to make America better, not the government.


Nikki said...

McCain is in a great position right now and he may be looking old to some but I think when it comes down to it he is appearing much wiser and experienced. Hillary is looking angry and Obama is looking unseasoned...:)N

Righty64 said...

If you have read my blog, I am not exactly a great fan of Sen. "F--- You" McCain. But, on this the man is right. And, what I would REALLY like to see is an outright end to the federal gas tax. If, God forbid, Sens. Obama or Clinton were to get in, you can imagine what THEY would do to the tax. And talking about the flat tax is excellent. The flat tax is a fair tax and what he proposes is a way to eventually get to a flat tax period. Now, if he would get straight about illegal immigration. . .

Freadom said...

I have never been a great fan of McCain either, however I will definitely vote for him over the other two. And, he has been impressive with some of the things he's said lately.

I think he said a while ago that he misunderstood the American voters, and now agrees that the borders should be secure first, before we talk about dealing with the illegal aliens already here.

If he really does what he is saying he will do, we might be proud of our vote after all.

Elroy said...

I was so frustrated with McCain over McCain-Feingold, immigration, and his recent stance on global warming that I was sure I would vote for a democrat for the first time in my life. Then the democrats spoke and reminded me of who I would be voting for. McCain has done some good, I believe he was involved in stopping the Boeing tanker deal with the Air Force in which I believe Boeing was going to charge as much or more to lease than what it would cost to buy the planes. McCain has worked to cut other wasteful spending and pork. He has been firm on the Iraq war. But is he serious about extending the Bush tax cuts and cutting more taxes? Part of me doesn't want to vote for him because he undermined the conservative movement and I just don't want this part of the republican party to win the presidency. I would like to say that I know what his core beliefs are on issues not related to the war but I am not sure I do.