Wednesday, May 7, 2008

McGovern dems hand gift to lucky McCain

When the democratic party shows its true colors and becomes brave enough to run on their liberal left agenda, which is where there hearts truly lie, and is what they would prefer to do as opposed to pretending to be moderates and conservative, they lose every time.

George McGovern was the most liberal person to ever run for the office of the president, and he lost in a landslide to Nixon. And the same can be said of Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakas.

When these guys ran on the opinions they truly believe, on a ticket of high taxes, large government programs, and business regulation, they are basically endorsing a ticket that is the opposite of what most Americans want. When this happens, they have historically lost in landslides against whoever the republican candidate was.

So, when McGovern changed his superdelagate pledge from Hillary Clinton to Obama today, most of us were not too surprised. And this brings me to the quote of the day, which came from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh:

McGovern endorsed Obama because "McGovern wants to see somebody lose in his lifetime worse than he did -- you know full well that Obama cannot put together a coalition that's victorious in November."

What he is implying here is that Obama is running on a ticket far more liberal than McGovern. While the odds look bad for republicans in 2008, and while democrats could easily slip into that office if they endorsed a candidate who was on the same page with Americans, they choose one of the most liberal candidates in the history of presidential elections.

Keep in mind that at this stage in the election cycle in 1992 Bill Clinton was in third place behind George H.W. Bush and that third party candidate (can't think of his name). And he went on to win the presidency with less than half the people supporting him. But Clinton ran as a moderate democrat, something democrats have to do to win elections.

I don't want to be arrogant, because anything can happen between now and November, it almost seems as though John McCain might just be the luckiest candidate in the history of presidential elections.

And that is the thought of the day.


Khaki Elephant said...

It does seem that Obama still has amazing voter support and that those voters know amazingly little about his actual politics. If McCain can shed light on that during the general, Limbaugh may just be right.

Nikki said...

Great post Freadom. I wrote a similar comment on another blog stating that America does not like change even though liberals would like to think so. The media portrays us all as down in the dumps but most americans fear change. So as popular as the "change" movement may seem it is scary and most want to stick with what they know and McCain is that guy. Jimmy Carter and McGovern are in the right camp. endorsements speak loudly don't they! ;0N

Righty64 said...

Oh, in 1992, that what's his name is the last one who referred to crazy relatives-H. Ross Perot. BTW, where has he been lately? Great post!