Thursday, July 10, 2008

Political commercials don't sell the real candidate

I think it's foolish for people to make the all important decision of who is going to be the leader of the free world based on a few 30-60 second posts. Which is why I think it's ridiculous to force us all through six months of positive and negative political ads.

What people should do is take these commercials as reminders that a very important election is coming up, and do their own research.

One of Obama's ads I watched today had a bunch of talking points, but no real way of how to obtain these, nor whether it is possible. He did not mention much about his record, because he doesn't have much of a record of which to talk about.

One of the John McCain's ads I saw today made the claim to be the candidate, "Pushing his own party to face climate change."

I think our leaders need to be careful when making such important changes in the name of a theory, of which global warming is. Do we want to risk diminishing our economy based on a theory?

The G-8 summit yesterday voted to support cutting in half Co2 emissions by 50 years. That's fine and dandy, but basically what they are voting for is to shift economic power away from the United States to China and India, who have said again and again that they will not support any changes that will diminish their economy.

Basically, China and India have realized what Conservatives in the U.S. have realized, that the chants of global warming, that man is causing climate change, is basically an excuse for politicians of the free world to tax their citizens, add regulations, and allow government to grow.

It's an excuse. It's politics. China and India have made clear that they are not going to risk collapsing the economy they worked so hard to build up in the name of a theory that not even a majority of scientists agree with . Latest polls say it's something like 50-50.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be concerned for the environment, but people should make sure that decisions we make today will not work to diminish the greatest economy in the history of the world in favor of a communist economy.

I have written before on these pages how I am convinced that Barrack Hussein Obama is in support of the liberal idea of blaming America for all that ails the world today, and that is why he is in support of the world order. He supports the world courts, the KYOTO protocols, allowing the U.N. Security council decide when we go to war, as opposed to the country that is under threat.

Obama wants to do things that will bring down the Arrogant America, and make it more on par with other nations of the world. John Sidney McCain, in his desire to bring change in favor of climate change, is edging a close fine line in that direction, yet not nearly as radical as the Obama campaign.

It is my belief, in fact, that Obama really believes what he is saying about making changes in the name of climate change, and McCain is saying it to gain the favor of the Independent voter.

My point here is, that I think that people need to consider the ads that are on TV, and go to the library, or right here on the Internet, and do some of their own research to find out which candidate truly has the interests of America at hand.

Please, don't make this all important decision based on a 30-60 second spot. Remember what a commercial is. It's like a resume. It's an attempt to sway opinion. It's an attempt to sell a product, which is what a candidate is.

Obama wants to sell himself off as more conservative, and McCain, for whatever reason, wants to sell himself as more liberal. Obama wants to be everything to all people, while McCain wants to step away from the republican base to appeal to those people who don't follow politics, and thus consider themselves Independent.

And, most important, one must not simply consider the promises made, but the men behind the promises. And commercials are not necessarily representative of either.

Political commercials do not sell the real candidates, but the candidate they want those who don't follow politics to see.

That, my friends, is the thought of the day.

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Nikki said...

And a very good thought at that! Yes both politicians want their cake and to eat it too. Perhaps that is what is needed to win a Presidential election. I suspect that there are a lot of poll takers asking potential voters what issue could sway their vote...subsequently we see an inching to the other side. Or what issue from the other side is something you agree with etc. Its all so calculating. TV ads that persuade votes freak me out too. Have some back bone more than anything else. Voters who are not affiliated with a party are the target audience, of course the wishy washy ones will change their minds. I agree with the Obama assessment. Too bad his arrogance trumps America's overall arrogance. nice job! :)N