Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jimmy Carter's impact on the War on Terror

Despite contrary belief, the War on Terror did not begin on that infamous day on September 11, 2001.

In fact, the events leading up to the War on Terror actually began in September of 1978, when the Islamic Revolution began in Iran.

At the time, the U.S. had a good relationship with the Shah of Iran. Likewise, the Shah was a "reformer" who gave the Iranian people freedoms they had never enjoyed before.

Still, because Jimmy Carter saw the Shah as the enemy of the world more so than the revolutionaries in Iran, Carter did nothing to stop the revolution.

The result was the removal of an ally government in Iran, which was replaced with revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeni, who almost immediately announced America as the "Great Satan."

And, on November 4, 1979, Iranian students took six Americans from the U.S. embassy in Iran hostage for 444 days. At one point, Carter gave in and paid Iran eight billion dollars that was quickly "funneled" to terrorists around the world in a "radical version of trickle down economics."

The hostages would not be released until the day RonaldReagan was inaugurated (which was a mere coincidence I'm sure.)

According to "Party of Defeat", by David Horowitz & Ben Johnson, "It was the first Islamic revolution since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire... The ayatollah's revolution was an inspiration to Osama bin Laden and other Islamic radicals who believed that a jihad -- holy war -- had begun to restore the caliphate and to establish the rule of Islamic law, first in the Middle East and then throughout the world."

The taking of a U.S. embassy, according to the authors, would have historically been an act of war, but Carter decided not to do anything about it because Carter believed America was to blame for the attacks because it supported the "Human Rights" violator in the name of the Shah.
Yet, Carters failure to respond sent a message to radical Islam that " a group of dedicated fanatics could topple the most progressive government in the Muslim world and terrorize the most powerful nation on earth -- the great Satan itself -- with impunity."

This was the event that started the War on Terror. Only, while the Muslim world was planning its attack on the free world -- the infidels -- we were not even paying any attention.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was was a "graduate" of the gangs that took the hostages in 1979, and "his Iran actively engaged in killing American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israeli civilians in the Middle East. It has created its own terrorist army, Hezbollah, a state within the state of Lebanon, to conduct a genocidal war against Israel."

And, the authors state, "None of these developments would have been possible if a Democratic president had not convinced himself that his own country was the problem and that the appeasement of America's enemies was the path to solving global conflicts."

But the appeasement did not stop there.

"Unlike President Bush who believes America is hated for its freedoms, the Left believes America is hated because it fits the profile the enemy has framed for it, and imperial oppressor of the weak and the poor. (George) McGovern's call for America to come home (from Iraq) was not a plan to conserve America's strength and restore America's integrity. It was a plan to quarantine the American virus and save others from the infection."

Still, Carter allowed other things to happen during his administration that helped to create an environment suitable to radical Islam. His administration took an axe to "intelligence assets" in the CIA, "that might other wise have identified the threat."

In the meantime, the Shah went on a killing spree that resulted in more deaths in the first year of the new revolution than in the total 30 years of the Shah's rule. Yet, the man who "lectured on human rights" turned a blind eye to this.


Nikki said...

Great read Rick and a very interesting point and perspective on the war on terror...I knew I didn't like Jimmy. This is great info! thanks. :)N

Anonymous said...

utter rubbish. the shah was a brutal dictator whose secret police ruled with a iron fist. iran did have a democraticly elected government but it was overthrown in a coup[operation ajax] in the 1950s, organised by USA and britian, which installed USA ally the brutal shah of iran who was called the policeman of the middle east.the shah could only retain power by killing of any democratic process and opposition.once the iranian people had a gut full of the shah they overthrew him and the ayatollas have retain power ever since.there are countless example esp in south americia of coup organised by USA in which a brutal dictators were installed.it is US foreign policies which have cause this war on terror ,plain and simple..