Sunday, September 14, 2008

How the Lions can win me back

I quit. Here's how the damn Lions can get me back as a fan:

  1. Trade Jon Kitna to the Patriots for the entire O-line
  2. Have Ford move franchise to New York so we can get a new franchise
  3. Better yet, Ford can simply sell the team so we can get a real owner
  4. Millen quits or is fired and Lions get a real GM
  5. Quit drafting QBs and WRs when what they really need is an O-line and D-line first
  6. Get really lucky in the draft again and get another Barry Sanders
  7. Get lucky and draft a good QB for 1st time in, say, 60 years.
  8. Shoot us all and put us out of our miseries
  9. Trade Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson to Eagles for an O-line, and NOT draft a WR in 1st round for next ten years.
  10. Hire a real GM, or did I say that already

So, what's it like being a Bears fan? Or, should I start rooting for Green Bay, they always seem to put up some decent teams; Rogers seems to be pretty decent.

Gosh, if I'm a packers fan now, I better turn that game back on; I have something to root for.

Woo hoo, go Pack. Say welcome to the newest cheese head.


Nikki said...

Do you think you could do a post on how to ween yourself from being a Lions fan? I will send the hubby over to read it! lol :)N

Freadom said...

Funny you say that, I have an upcoming post entitled: "Things former Lion Fans can do at 1:00 on Sundays during Football Season."

Khaki Elephant said...

I'm looking forward to the next post. I'm heading that way . . . especially the way Michigan's season is shaping up. I don't know if I can take pain both Saturday and Sunday.