Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lieberman: Character more important than party

Joe Lieberman gave an impressive speech tonight, as he emphasised the idea that nothing is more important that your country.

It is a fact that Lieberman votes with democrats 95% of the time, but the 5% of the time that the does not vote with his party is regarding national defense. He is adamantly against his party when it comes to defending this nation.

All one would have to do is watch any of the speeches by the democrats last week, where national defense, the war on terror, the Iraq war, and terrorism were mentioned mainly as afterthoughts.

Thus, according to democrats, domestic issues are more important that national defense.

Lieberman, like most Americans, disagrees with his fellow democrats that domestic issues are more important than national defense. And, he decided not only to support John Sidney McCain for president, he broke party lines to attend the RNC last night.

"What is a democrat like me doing at a republican convention like this," he said. "I support John McCain because country matters more than party. John McCain is the best person to bring the country together and move America forward. Republicans and democrats are important, but no where near as important as it is to be American."

This just goes to show how strong of a character Lieberman is.

McCain called Lieberman a few weeks ago and said, "My good friend, I know you are in big trouble with your party, but I really need your help."

Lieberman said, "Let me call you back."

He did.

Chances are, if democrats gain seats in the Senate, Lieberman might lose his chairmanship. He is only allowed to keep it now because his vote is the one that gives the democrats the majority.

It takes strong character to take that kind of political risk.

He looked right into the camera, and spoke directly to those listening from their homes:

"Tonight, I want to ask you, whether you are an independent, a Reagan Democrat, a Clinton Democrat, or just a plain old Democrat: This year, when you vote for president, vote for the person you believe is best for our country, not for the party you happen to belong to."

This was a very powerful moment


Khaki Elephant said...

And Lieberman also dared to NOT attack Bill Clinton at a GOP convention. He stands by his convictions.

S.W. Anderson said...

If Lieberman had any character, he would formally end his association with the Democratic Party by caucusing with the Republicans.

Freadom said...

The fact that he doesn't shows how much character he has.

Lieberman has always been pro-national defense. Since his party took a wrong turn on national defense in the past eight years, and right (according to him) on every other issue, then his current position of caucusing with democrats and voting for McCain makes sense. Why does it make sense? Because nothing is more important than defense of this nation.

S.W. Anderson said...

Freadom, with all due respect, anyone who cares about the defense of this nation wouldn't blow $750 billion, more than 4,000 of our troops' lives and grind our military to a worn-out nub by starting an unnecessary war.

The only wrong turn Democrats took was in giving our crackpot-crusader president the benefit of the doubt in October 2002.

One other thing, my friend. Defense of this nation begins with honoring and protecting our Constitution as it's written. That's something all presidents are sworn to do. Same goes for faithfully upholding and executing our laws. Bush and Cheney failed at both, deceitfully and deliberately.

We can have a big, well-equipped military that wins wars one after another and still lose our liberty,along with everything makes the U.S. special, if we forsake our constitutional guarantees of freedom and liberty, and abandon the rule of law.

Please take time out from regurgitating the right-wing party line stereotype of Democrats to contemplate who suspended habeas corpus, instituted illegal domestic spying and OK'd the torture of prisoners, some of whom were guilty of nothing but having been offered up by paid informants.

Any good doctor will tell you that knowing when operating will do more harm than good is every bit as important as knowing how to operate. Same goes for presidents and wars.