Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama's Freudian slippage is hurting him

If Obama wants any chance of winning this election, he better start watching what he says. Or, is what he is thinking starting to show by his words.

As I wrote as a comment on another blog, there is an old saying: "It's better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Now, I'm not implying that Obama is stupid, but I'm wondering if all the stress of the McCain convention bump and Obama being behind in the polls for the first time in over a year is taking its toll on the Messiah.

Case om point #1, the pig with lipstick slip:

Obama was trying to explain that a vote for Obama is not change. He said, "You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."

He added, "You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it's still gonna stink after eight years."

He should have stuck with the second statement, because that first one is going to get him in a world of hurt in the political arena.

Case in point #2, the "I am a Muslim" slip:

Here is the transcript:

Obama: "No, uh, well, uh, well, look, the ... the, uhhhh. Listen, uhhh, you and I both know that the minute that Governor Palin was, uh... was, uh, forced to talk about her daughter, I immediately said, 'That's off-limits.' And... and... and... and..."

Stephanopoulos: John McCain did the same thing about questioning your faith.

Obama: And what... what was the first thing the McCain campaign went out and did? They -- they said, uhhh, look, uhhh, his liberal blogs that support Obama are out there attacking Governor Palin. I mea- ih, uh, uh, eh, L-l-let's not play games. W-w-what I was suggesting, you are absolutely right that John McCain has not, uh, talked about my Muslim faith, and you're absolutely right that that has not come..."

Stephanopoulos: Christian faith.

Obama: Uh, M-my Christian faith.

Niether one of these Freudian slips bothers me one bit, but you know they are going to repeated over and over by the media. Well, they will be played over and over by the media that aren't already in bed with Obama.

Is it possible that Obama is panicking? Is it possible that he is saying the things that he has been thinking all along yet not saying? Is it possible he is doing this because he is panicked? Is it possible that people are finally learning about the true Barack Obama?

Personally, I don't know the true Obama. Really. I have no clue. And I don't think most Americans do either, and that's the true reason why many Americans are starting to think again about their vote, especially now that it's "game time."

Sure, it was nice to think of Obama as the true advocate of change. But, now that it's "game time," and we are actually going to have to live with his change if he gets elected, many people are starting to think twice.

I don't have to think twice, because I saw through him the first time I listened to him. I don't trust that man any further than his voice resonates through the speakers of my computer speakers.

I think many democrats are wondering why they didn't support the Hillary Clinton ticket about now. However, like I said, they are panicking.

The election is far from over. Unless, that is, Obama continues to open his mouth and say such frivolous things as the pig and lipstick comment. All that's gonna do is offend fence walkers.

And that, my friends, is the thought of the day.

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Khaki Elephant said...

I have to say that I love the way you captured the concern . . . and the stutters