Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oberman not even close in his prediction

Like many of my fellow bloggers who like to get a fair view of opinion and analysis from a variety of voices, I like to flip through the news channels, particularly after watching political events and speeches.

After John McCain's speech, I so happened to click over to MSNBC where the opinionated Kieth Oberman was talking. He said, "There is one thing I can tell you for sure about this speech, it will not come even remotely close to the 40 million that Obama received last week."

I paraphrased there, but I think I did him justice.

Well, McCain did get 40 million viewers. In my humble opinion, Mr. Oberman should heed the example of Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams and keep his opinion under wraps.

On a side note, I was surprised that MSNBC allowed Mr. Oberman to be the commentator during the political speeches given the fact he continually slams republicans.

It's fine for him to have an opinion, as even I want to hear his opinion, but he should have been on the program as a political analyst if he wanted to state his opinion. He should not have been the commentator.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons MSNBC is viewed as a liberal TV network, and why it trailed every other news network, including the three major networks, in the TV ratings department during all the major convention speeches.


Kevin said...

Unfortunately opinions are like assh*les, and Mr. Olbermann is one big assh*le.

Freadom said...