Wednesday, October 29, 2008

liberalism fails every time

There has been much confusion lately about what is conservatism. Sometimes I think it gets to the point that people associate conservatism with the republican party. However, all that is republican is not conservative.

Yes, as Anthony Palmer over at the 9th frame unfiltered correctly states, the republican party might be having an identity crisis. That I think goes without saying. You have liberals republicans, moderate republicans, libertarian republicans and conservative republicans all vying for a voice in the party.

Actually, no man since the Great Ronald Reagan and Later Newt Gingrich with his 1994 Contract with America has truly unified the party. In actuality, what the republican party truly needs is a Barrack Obama -- a great speaker and a unifier.

Barrack, in essence, is not unlike Reagan and FDR before him. Surely they are from different belief systems, but the people I have just named managed to unify the party and shape the face of the nation in their respective times (for better or for worse).

Liberalism is liberalism. Liberalism is any attempt to use the government to control people's lives. I personally think liberalism has a much broader definition than most people think. I think any time people "want" something from government they are having a liberal thought.

Despite what you might read in the New York Times, I do believe there are liberals in the republican party. Yes it is true. Consider the politician, like Arlen Specter, who lives in a conservative part of a state who still wants all the glory and power that comes with becoming a Senator -- he runs as a republican.

The same holds true on the other side. In the 2006 many conservative democrats threw that party to the right of republicans, and hence the democrats managed to gain control of the House and the Senate.

If you believe that the government is better at doing something than you possibly could, then you are a liberal. If you think that government is better at managing a business and money than the people, you are a liberal. If you believe that the rich should be taxed and that money redistributed to the poor, you are a liberal.

Note: it does not matter what party you represent. If you are a republican who wants government to control the people's lives and money, then you are a liberal republican. If you are an independent who is overconfident in what government has to offer, chances are you are a liberal. If you are a moderate republican, chances are you are a liberal.

Still, it must be noted that only 15% of Americans will admit to being a liberal. They shy away from being called a liberal. Why? I think it is because liberalism goes against everything this country stands for. Liberalism is not far removed from socialism.

Yet, when Obama talks recently to Joe the Plumber about "how we all need to do our part" and how we need to "redistribute" wealth to benefit all of society, he is a liberals liberal. I'm not making fun of Obama when I say this. I am being truthful. Obama is a liberal. He, in essence, is a socialist. He wants to redistribute wealth.

Allow me to explain it the way I explained it to my son. You decide to go trick-or-treating and your sister decides to be lazy and stay home. You go out and work hard and get 100 pieces of candy. Barrack Obama comes to your house and says, "You need to do your part and help society. So, I am taking 50 pieces of your candy and giving it to your sister. That's only fair."

"You are gonna what?" my son said.

"I'm taking half of what you made and giving it to your sister."

"But that's not fair."

"It is fair according to the type of government Obama believes in."

Obviously I'm not trying to sway my son one way or the other, I'm just being truthful. Liberals, like Obama, believe that some people just aren't smart enough to fend for themselves, so they believe that it's the job of the people who work hard and make money to support those who aren't so fortunate.

Now, conservatism is the opposite. Conservatives believe that people are smart. Conservatives believe that we should reward people for working hard, not the other way around. That, by rewarding people who succeed, all people will see this and want to have a piece of the pie.

Conservatives are for a limited role of government. Liberals love government. Conservatives have little confidence in government, liberals have lots of confidence in government. That is, in spite of the fact that the government has failed at managing every business it has every taken over.

Consider the following. Since the government took over our schools, they are failing. The government started a social security system that is failing those who expect that money to be there when they retire. And what money is available when people are retiring pales in comparison to what FDR envisioned.

The U.S. Government decided to give welfare to those who were poor, and now we have a group of people who are doomed to a lifetime of poverty. Instead of helping people for a short period of time as was expected when the program was started, these people are afraid to get a job for fear of losing their check.

Look at LBJs war on poverty as another example. While he wanted to "end poverty as we now know it" poverty -- under the guise of welfare and government handouts -- has actually grown in this country.

Liberalism fails. Yet, it's easy to fall prey to the ideals of liberalism. Liberals claim to feel your pain. They say they want to help you. They say they want to take over banks to benefit the people. They say they want you all in homes, so they force banks to give out loans to people who can't afford them. This causes a housing bubble that bursts, and many people are forced out of their homes and into the streets. An economic crisis ensues.

On the other hand, if conservatives make a mistake it's easy to fix the problem because they didn't create a bunch of programs that are impossible to get rid of. Hence , it was not a conservative president who created the prescription drug program and no child left behind -- it was a progressive, liberal minded president.

My point is, you cannot have people in Washington making decisions for people in Shoreline, Michigan. How do those guys in Washington know what I need right here and now. And then when I need it, I have to wait five years to get it. And when I get what I want, I get way too little or way too much. There is a ton of wasted money, and still never enough money to go around. Liberals always want more money. They always want to create another government program, but at the same time they say they won't raise taxes -- something that is not possible.

And it's not the governments money: it's our money. And, here's another guise of liberalism: You deserve it. You deserve free education. You deserve free health care. This is how they sell liberalism to you. They tell you they are giving you a tax cut if you make less than $100,000. They tell you all of what you want to hear.


They say they are going to tax the rich because they can afford it. Hey, the rich are not stupid. If you take from the rich, if you take more from the businesses that make more than $100,000 or $150,00 or $250,000 (wherever the cutoff is, it changes every week in the Obama camp), then you will be taxed. And what will these people do: they will pass along the tax hike to consumers. That's right. YOU WILL PAY FOR ANY TAX HIKE WHETHER YOU ARE A DIRECT RECIPIENT OF IT OR NOT. That's the dirty little secret of liberalism.

They want to control your money. They believe they know more of what to do with your money than you do. They don't think you are smart enough to manage your own money. But they don't tell you this. Oh no. They tell you what you want to hear. They tell you you are getting something for free. They even tell you YOU are getting a tax cut.

But now you know the little secret of liberalism. And, my 2 readers, liberalism is not limited to just the democratic party -- it actually is responsible for the present decline of the republican party.

If you went back in history and saw for yourself how many times liberalism has failed in this country and in this world, you might believe me when I say that liberalism fails every time.

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