Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is your signature, Mr. Obama

I found this over at According to Nikki, and I decided to plug it in here too.

Where, Mr. Obama, is your signature on this. And why didn't you urge your fellow democratic Senators to make significant changes to Fannie and Freddie that would have prevented this current economic fiasco?

Or is the fact that you received the third most CASH from those banks have something to do with your inaction?

Obama's friend Chris Dodd benefitted the most from these failed banks. He was told point blank these were going to fail, and he said, "Oh, they are just fine. We don't need to do anything."

Mr. Johnson, who chaired Obama's VP search, is also high on this list.

Now Obama says he saw this coming. So, if he did, where is his signature on this letter? Where?

(Click image for larger view.)

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