Friday, October 17, 2008

Ignore polls, McCain & Obama still neck & neck

It's going to be a tough sell, but I think McCain can win this election. This election, as I wrote a year ago, was never about the War or anything else, it is about the economy. And it is the economy that is going to win this election.

And throughout history whoever was in power stayed in power until the economy went bad, then they were kicked out and the opposing power was elected. It was that simple.

The thing about this election is that even though George Bush is President, he did not cause this financial crisis. The economy is faltering right now not because of anything Bush did.

(in fact he and his republican friends warned democrats that this might happen if they didn't do anything, and they refused to admit it. "Oh, you just don't want to take care of the poor who need houses." "No," Bush said, "It's not about that, it's , 'hey, these people are defaulting on their loans and it's going to become a crisis for everyone if we don't do something soon." "Oh, it's fine," Senator Dobb said. "Oh, it's just fine. )

It's failing because the democrats (starting with Jimmy Carter and then Bill Clinton) wanted to do the feel good thing and give free loans to people who couldn't afford it. And, so they are the reason for this financial crisis and economic disaster.

Democrats in power, and Obama, want to raise your taxes, spend more money, give you money by printing more of it, which in turn will cause inflation. The "easy" way to jump start the economy would be to simply generate wealth by cutting taxes.

So McCain has his work cut out for him. If he can convince America that it really was the democrats (and it was) who caused this mess, he will win.

If he can convince people that it's a terrible idea to raise taxes and increase spending amid economic turmoil he may sway some of the 45% of Americans who are not convinced he's ready to lead to vote for McCain.

If he can keep reminding people just enough that Obama has a good buddy who is a terrorist, and that he has been associated with people who hate America and attack it on a daily basis, those 20% of voters who are sitting on the edge will walk into the voting booth and say, "Hey, now who is the safer pick after all?"

Well, that's obvious. It's John McCain.

Yet, as Karl Rove writes, "Whether (McCain) can find the right formula in the next 19 days to dig out is a question. If Mr. McCain succeeds, he will have engineered the most impressive and improbable political comeback since Harry Truman in 1948. But having to reach back more than a half-century for inspiration is not the place campaign managers want to be now."

If you are worried about polls, check out this article from the Right View from the Left Coast. It will show you that even though Obama is up in the polls means nothing.


Glenna said...

I agree but part of the problem of the economic crisis is that most people don't seem to realize or want to realize how this all came about. At work the other night I listened to a room full of people excoriate Bush for "this mess". When I explained how Pres Clinton signed the legislation from Democrats for the loose loans, and how that all collapsed on itself I had a room full of stares and then questions. People always want the easy answers instead of looking at the history for what it is.

Khaki Elephant said...

Thanks, I needed this! :-)

Freadom said...

Glenna, you are brilliant. And that's exactly why you got a room full of stares.

I have to commend you for discussing politics with a patient's family, because I'm usually a coward and avoid politics in such situations.

Righty64 said...

Thank you for the plug, Freadom! I agree, we who blog do so not just for political reasons. For me, the election is a big deal because the Democrats have selected the most left-wing candidate in my 44 years on God's green earth! I feel it is my duty to try to see that Sen. Obama is NOT elected president. Now, Glenna, you are so right. People want the easy answer. Or, no answer at all. But, I try to be objective. I know that President McCain will break my heart more than one time. But, on the fundamental issues that I care about, the War Against Islamofacsist Terror, out of control government spending and the courts, I have a lot more trust in Sen. McCain than Sen. Obama. The internet makes it so easy to look things up and not through the biases of the MSM. Great post!
PS: You would be surprised how many people read your blog and you do not even know it. Trust me on this!