Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Freadom Nation endorsements for 2008

These are the endorsement of Freadom Nation. What's most important is that you excercise your right to vote, lest you lose your privelidge to complain about those who are elected.

President of the United States: John Sidney McCain

U.S. Senate Candidate: Jack Hoogendyk

Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court: Clifford Taylor

U.S. Congress Candidates:
  • 7th Congressional District: Tim Walberg
  • 9th Congressional District: Joe Knollenberg
  • 2nd Congressional District: Peter Hoekstra
  • 3rd Congressional District: Vernon J. Ehlers
  • 4th Congressional District: Dave Camp
  • 6th Congressional District: Fred Upton
  • 8th Congressional District: Mike Rogers
  • 10th Congressional District: Candice S. Miller
  • 11th Congressional District: Thaddeus G. McCotter
  • 1st Congressional District: Tom Casperson
  • 5th Congressional District: Matt Sawicki
  • 12th Congressional District: Bert Copple
  • 13th Congessional District: Edward J. Gubics
  • 15th Congressional District: John J. Lynch

State Board of Education: Scott Jenkins, Richard Zeile

Michigan State University Trustee: Scott Romney, Lisa Bouchard

University of Michigan Regent: Susan Brown, John LaFond

Wayne State University Board of Governors: Torion Bridges, Danialle Karmanos

Michigan Supreme Court: Cliffort Taylor

4th Court of Appeals: Michael Kelley, Patrick Meter

Proposal one: NO. There are far better options than medical marijuana. This proposal is just another excuse for people to make pot.

Proposal two: NO. It is wrong to take the far out chance that one life MIGHT be saved by eliminating another. Because we know as of right now not one disease has benefited from Fetal Stem Cell research, and as many as 80 diseases have benefited from Stem Cells from other body sources. Not only that, stem cell research is legal and it goes on. Even fetal stem cell research is legal, it's just not allowed to be funded by the federal government and the State of Michigan. Not only that, there has never been any diseases that have benefited. I think it is wrong to force those who do not support the killing of unborn babies for research to have their tax dollars go toward funding Fetal Stem Cell research.

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