Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Republicans got kicked; yet conservatism survives

Wow, I got my butt kicked. Of all the signs I had in my yard, I lost five out of six races. I even lost on proposal two which makes it legal to kill embryos.

That's fine though. The American people wanted change, and now they are going to get it. I only hope they don't regret who they voted for. Unlike Democrats the past eight years, I'm not going to celebrate every time something bad happens, because with me it's "Country First."

One thing this election proves is that McMcains advisers were wrong that the republican party needed to move to the center to win. I criticized this move many times in the past on this blog, and I think I was right: conservatism wins every time it is tried, and there were no conservative candidates to choose from.

I think that most of the problems that ail America today were caused by liberalism, and yet since a republican president was in office, he was blamed. Hence, the vote for Obama.

It was not conservatism that made Bush unpopular, and made the public lose confidence in the republican party. I've said it here before, and I'll say it again.

George Bush thought he was going to win votes for the republican party when he let a liberal write is education policy (Kennedy wrote no child left behind), and he made the prescription drug program into law, and then he supported illegal immigration.

So, how many votes did those liberal policies win Bush and the republican party? NADA!! Zilch!!! It showed that you cannot negotiate with liberals. You can't go against principle to win votes. It fails every time.

So, when Bush went liberal, he lost the faith of conservatives, and many of them may even have voted for Obama to force the republican party to change. And change it must.

The republican party must find a voice like Reagan, like Obama, like FDR. It needs to move back to it's conservative roots. The American people love conservatism. And it's toward conservatism the party needs to move.

I thought it was funny that Obama said he was going to place republicans in his cabinet. Well, the republicans he named are no different than most democrats: they are all liberal republicans -- exactly the ilk that ruined the party.

So, I truly believe that the nation failed to recognize the difference between republican and conservative. I think that conservatism was blamed for the failures of the past eight years, when it was liberalism.

It was liberalism that caused the crash of the stock market (Carter and Clinton urged banks to make loans to people who couldn't afford them), Carter who started the War on terror when he allowed the Turkish Muslims to knock the Shah out of Iran in the late 1970s.

It is liberalism that has caused our educational system to become one of the worst ever. And, still, despite the liberal failures, liberals were elected down the line this year to fix the problems they created.

Ahhhhh, it's frustrating in a way. But that's. If Obama and the liberals can fix the problems that face us, I will be fine with that. But if history repeats itself, and Obama raises taxes and creates more government like he says he will, a recession might occur, and it may even result in a depression.

Oh, but Bush will be blamed probably. That's fine.

In my next several posts I'm going to write about the difference between republican and conservative, because there is a difference, even though this difference was overlooked on election day 2008.


Khaki Elephant said...

Woe, and was it rough in Michigan or what? Prop 1, prop 2, a shift in the supreme court from conservative to liberal and the loss of congressional seats (including my own Joe Knollenberg). Tough stuff.

Righty64 said...

It is true more than ever that there is a difference between conservatives and Republicans. And, while I supported Mccain in the end, it was because I thought that he had the wisdom to choose Gov. Palin as his running mate. But, all the back-stabbing against Gov. Palin has me regretting my support of McCain. He never gave a reason to vote FOR him, just against President-elect Obama. Gov. Palin and Gov. Jindal, Sanford of South Carolina are the future of conservatism and hopefully the Republican party.