Monday, November 17, 2008

Will Congress bail out Michigan?

It seems to me the $258 billion dollar bailout Congress is talking about these days is nothing more than a bailout of Michigan's failed govornor Jennifer Granholm.

Think about it. She has done nothing but make life difficult for the people who create the jobs in this state. She has raised taxes and regulations. Sure, she did so with the idea of helping the middle class, but the consequences of all this government is businesses struggling.

What does that mean? Less jobs. What happens when people are out of work? They don't spend money. What does an economy need to function? People to spend money.

So, this bailout is going to be perceived as a bailout of the auto industry, but it's not. It's a bailout of Michigan.

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Z said...

excellent point, freadom..well done.

I'm all for the bail out IF they reboot...get rid of the unions (who can afford to build anything when the average hourly rate paid is $73!? Japan's car industry pays roughly $43!)......Well, i'm not ALL FOR IT, but I could buy it IF it meant the big unionized companies had to rethink their ways of doing business.....

Ya, this is is Michigan, isn't it. Well, living here in CA, I can't really throw rocks!