Saturday, December 13, 2008

A letter to the un-American Jeniffer Granholm

Dear Governor Jennifer Granholm:

I can't help myself. I have to comment on your latest quote about the auto bailout failing in the Senate. In case you forgot, here it is:

"It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression. It is such an unbelievable stab at workers across the country. You give this big bailout to these financial institutions–don’t ask a single question, they can do what they want–and then you lay the blame for the auto industry, which is a victim of this financial meltdown, on the backs of the people who are working on the line.”

How could you say such a foolish statement? What makes it un-American? Is is un-American to oppose a liberal bill that is prejudiced to benefit a few industries while ignoring other industries that are also failing?

Jennifer Granholm, I would like to say something to you. It was un-American of you to raise taxes on the poor corporations of our state, to add more regulations for them to follow to the point that no industry can afford to stay in this state.

When all the little industries that couldn't afford your taxes left to go to another state where the taxes were not so high and they could actually make a profit, that left far fewer buyers for the rest of the industries in Michigan. That's one of the reasons you ruined the economy in Michigan, Jennifer.

In fact, Michigan's economy was worse in the country at a time when the rest of the country was in an economic boom a few years back after the Bush tax cut. But, unfortunately, the rest of the country couldn't hold it's own when the housing bubble burst and the car industry went into the tank dragging everything else down with it.

It's not the fault of the good hardworking Americans that the U.S. automakers have seen their sales drop in recent years. It is the fault of a poor business plan, wages that are way too high, and your taxes. All that stuff dragged the car industry into the tank.

I don't want to see my money going to bail out failing companies. Is that un-American to think this way. Is it un-American to let Capitalism work the way Capitalism works? Is it un-American to NOT want to Nationalize the economy?

Still, I respect your desire to help out the auto industry and hope your attempts work. And I will not call you un-American because I think your ideas are foolish. Likewise, since you created this auto maker mess, you may have left the Fed no choice but to bail you out.

If this happens, I hope it doesn't create a slippery slope. I hope California isn't next in line.

Jennifer, I'd like nothing more than for you to take your taxes, your regulations, and your failed economic policies and go back to Canada.


Rick Frea
American and fellow Michigander

P.S. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to take your trash with you.

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S.W. Anderson said...

Industries migrated from all the Rust Belt states in no small part to escape old plant and equipment infrastructure they didn't want to have to pay to upgrade and/or replace. They also wanted to flee from unions, safety requirements and environmental protections.

Plus, states across the Sun Belt lured these industries with low-cost or free land, huge tax concessions, right-to-work-cheap laws and almost anything else their little hearts desired.

Not content with all that, some industries sucked up the benefits, then moved on to even bigger, better ones across the border, in Mexico. (I wonder, how do you say, "So long, suckers," in Spanish?)

Freadom, what's at stake here isn' just three companies and a few jobs. The stakes extend to as many as 5 million jobs destroyed at the worst possible time, a slew of mid- and small-sized businesses ruined — including suppliers other auto manufacturers depend on, a big piece of our national security compromised and a piece of our national soul and identity trashed.

By way of comparison, we can squander $12 billion or more a month in Iraq; and we can throw $350 billion at the financial industry, hoping for the best but realizing no perceptible benefit, and that's OK. But for some strange reason, LOANING GM, Chrysler and Ford a total of $14 billion for a few months is supposedly more than we can or should do.


Granholm is right. What those senators did was stupid, selfish and thoroughly un-American. They will happily sell out millions of Americans' economic well-being in a naked attempt to bust a union while at the same time reducing competition for foreign-owned auto manufacturing interests in their own states.

If I could tell each one of those senators what I think of them and what they're doing, I'd probably make Blagojevich sound like a choir boy practicing his hymns. They would deserve every bit of it and more. They and their actions are despicable.