Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blagojevich deserves fair trial, still a pinhead

There are some things that Chicago governor Blagojevich says that makes a lot of sense. I honestly believe he should not be treated as though he were guilty of anything until he is given a fair trial.

However, that said, an impeachment trial is not exactly the same as a trial among your peers. It's merely a bunch of Senators who are set to decide whether Blago should be fired or not.

Still, I think he should do the honorable thing and step down. I think all this talk about doing the right thing is fine, but he should stop putting himself before his state. He is being selfish in his PR attempt -- whether he is right or not.

He should be honorable and step aside with whatever pride he has left like Nixon did. Nixon also did not get the trial of his peers. He may also have been innocent. However he decided to step down rather than put the American people through an impeachment trial.

Nixon also did not call for a recount in 1968 when a recount may have put him into the office of the president that year. He did the honorable thing by not putting his country through that (unlike Al Gore).

Nixon also paid a consequence, as history looks upon him as a "crook." Whether or not he really was a crook (and I've seen evidence to both sides), will really never truly be settled. But, needless to say, Nixon set aside his own popularity for what was best for his country, which is what any loyal political leader would do.

So, while Blagojevich is right that he is being judged prematurely, he should also do the honorable thing and step aside. However, he shows no intentions of doing this. For that reason, he is a pinhead in my view.

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