Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Six reasons why liberals caused this bad economy

You know the day investors realized McCain was not going to win the election is the day the stock market crashed, and it's been on a downward spiral ever since. And the fact that this inauguration day represented the largest stock market decline in inauguration history just feeds into my theory.

Which is funny when I hear my friends complaining that conservatives were blaming Obama for the bad economy even before he was nominated.

Now we here at Freadom Nation know that Obama alone cannot drag down the economy, but we also know that his liberal cohorts in the White House before him and in the Senate and in the House and sitting on living room couches around the world have created a huge government that has dragged down the economy.

Here are five reasons why liberalism has failed Americ and is dragging down the economy (Notice I say liberals and not democrats):

1. Liberals have forced banks to give loans to people who could never possibly afford them.
2. Liberals have refused to allow the Bush Administration to guarantee that the Bush tax cuts would never expire. When people know their taxes will go up they have a tendency to expect a bad economy to come, and thus they sell, sell, sell.
3. Liberals have increased government regulations on businesses so high that many of them are forced to lay off workers, move to areas where taxes are lower, or close their doors. For a perfect example of this see Michigan.
4. Liberal programs give Health Care to people for free. When you give something away for free to the poor the cost goes up to those who do pay. Thus the Health Care Crisis. The number one reason people go bankrupt is because of this. While Conservatives get blamed because people say they don't care, liberals are the real culprits.
5. Obama says over and over again that he wants to create a New Deal program. When the 1st New Deal program was passed, seven years later we were still in a depression, which means the New Deal did not work. So fearing another New Deal, nobody wants to touch the stock market.
6. The fear of a slower economy like Europe has, which occurs when you have a socialistic style, anticapitalistic style governemnt (hence the auto bailout), has resulted in fear of good economic prospects.

Of course there are more reasons, and we will add to this list in the days to come. Help me out here folks.

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Nikki said...

Great post Freadom, let me just add the media as a big contributor to fear and stifled spending so they can put in their guy during the election. Of course the word liberal goes in front of media...:)N