Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankfully repubs vote no on anticapitalism

This is exactly the headline I wanted to see really bad: "House OKs $819B stimulus bill with GOP opposition."

There is simply way too much pork in this bill that has nothing to do with recovering the economy. And there is way too much spending that won't even take effect until 2010, at which time the economy may well be recovered by then.

So then you'd have all this government spending occurring to save the economy when it's no longer needed. However, that -- I think -- is the whole point of this bill in the first place: the recession is merely an excuse for democrats to create more government programs to trap more people in poverty, because people in poverty (needy people) tend to vote democrat.

When republicans are in office, they do the opposite in an attempt to create wealthy, prosperous people who will, in turn, vote republican.

Which tells you a lot about both parties. Republicans want you to succeed, and democrats want you to fail.

And that is exactly why I think it's important for republicans to oppose this bill. When it fails, which bills like this historically do (I can think no example of which government spending has ever ended a recession), repubs will have the ammo they need to win senate and house seats in 2010.

Realize here that I don't care whether repubs or dems are in power. What I want is people in power who respect the constitution and capitalism.

So much for Obama being a bipartisan president.

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