Sunday, January 25, 2009

Was a vote for Obama an anti conservative vote???

Why did people vote for Obama in 2008. Were they voting with a movement, or were they rejecting core American values and conservatism.

Now, as long as we're picking on Anthony palmer's 7-10 Palmer on politics as I did in my last post, he also writes the following:

If Republicans continue to protest his plan, he can remind them that he won the election, as he did a few days ago, thus reminding them of how their ideas were rejected at the ballot box and that they should be more willing to moderate their views.

Of course we may never know, but did America really it's core principles and conservatism in this last election, or was it simply voting for a movement.

Personally, I think America was voting for a movement. And I honestly think that most people who voted for Obama didn't' even know what that movement was, especially considering the media died in 2008 and failed to really investigate, and inform it's readers what Obama really is all about.

And for that, I think, America might be in for a big surprise. A big, miserable, four year Jimmy Carter part II term to be more precise.

Either way, great discussion. Chances are I'm wrong. If you want to read Anthony Palmer's full text click on the link above. Perhaps you'll find, as I did many months ago, that his blog is full of insightful political views. Some of which I respectfully disagree as I demonstated today, and many of which I respectully agree.


Anthony Palmer said...

Thanks for the plug, Freadom.

I don't think most of Obama's votes were anti-Republican votes. I really think the bulk of his votes came from voters who genuinely liked him. Rather than voting for the lesser of two evils like we're so used to doing, I think a lot of voters this time around were drawn to Obama's candidacy. Did you see all those people in DC at the inauguration?

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