Friday, February 27, 2009

I think I think too much... I think

I have made an Internet observation: the less intelligent stuff you write the more readers you get to your blog and the more comments you get.

Now, this is not always the case, but it's something I'm starting to lean toward as a general rule of thumb.

Consider the following cases:

Case #1:

I spend hours doing research and then write a well educated article about politics that is completely based on fact, and then I go to another blog where someone simply chants partisan bickering while stating no proof that what they are blabbing about is true.

My post: Zero comments. The blab: 16 comments.

Case #2:

I spend days reading and doing research for my medical blog about how asthma is not really a fatal disease and why. I go to another RT blogger's site who wrote a post about what kind of shoes he's thinking of buying.

My post: Zero comments. The shoe post: 72 comments.

Case #3:

I write a quality post on the aformentioned shoe medblog about how a common med that helps asthmatics catch their breath in an instant is abused not by patients but by doctors. He asked me to write a post for his readers and I did. And, because he usually gets a lot of comments, I thought perhaps my post on his blog would get me some comments.

The next day he wrote a post about... well, the shoes.

My post: 2 comments. His post about shoes: 72 comments.

Okay, you get my drift. My wife has a myspace page and she gets hundreds of comments on a daily basis. She writes nothing significant, just gossip and stuff like: "I am feeling Great today."

Hmmm, perhaps my problem is I am thinking too much. Perhaps I need to stop thinking and just write based on emotion like most other people do.

And maybe I need to stop voting for the person who makes the most sense and has the most common sense approach to politics, and vote for the person who is popular.

But that's not who I am. That would bore me. So I'll continue to use my brain and continue writing intelligent stuff, and you can continue to ignore my blog.

That, my friends, is the thought of the day.

Comments? Anyone?


namaste said...

i was gonna quote some of the passages from your post here and say bravo, but i thought better of it since you were so spot on throughout the entire post. BRAVO! to the whole darn thing. you are absolutely correct in your assessment. it is what it is. stay true to your writing, friend.


Khaki Elephant said...

Ah, but it may well be that there are plenty who read but choose not to comment. I think most folk find it easier to post a comment about shoes than asthma treatments.

But that note has inspired me to check out your other blog since my oldest son is asthmatic.

Z said...

I think that people don't usually read LONG posts because we're so used to sound bites our attention spans are like those of gnats... I see lots of informative and interesting blogs with good numbers!!

Get around and comment! More people should be reading your stuff!
YOu've been to geeeeZ once in months.....we forget you're here!
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