Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will tea on tax day parties spike a movement?

No taxation without representation. That was the plea of the protestors at the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The same still applies today.

I see my blogging friends, like the Right View from the Left Coast, are blogging about the tea parties that will be happening on tax day, April 15. While millions of procrastinators will be rushing to finish filing their taxes, large groups of people who do not want their taxes raised will by joining the "right wing" protests.

I put quotes around right wing there on purpose, as it seems many in the main stream media consider these protests as "the extremest view" to be ignored. And while the press is ignoring these important tea parties, the U.S. government has decided that conservatives who attend them are "right wingers" and should be treated equal to terrorists.

The latest "right wing"blog I've discovered is A Conservative Thinker. He writes today about how the Homeland Security Department now considers

According to a new unclassified document, of which "Right Wing Extrimism" is the topic. The consequence of a prolonged economic downturn... could create a fertile recruiting environment for right wing extrimists."

It also explains that right wingers are capitalizing on the election of the first black president to increase their recruiting efforts. Actually, they should have said capitalizing on the most liberal person ever to sit in the office of the president.

Never the less, the document warns against conservatism. It places conservatives at the same level as terrorists. Wait! Since Obama doesn't perceive terrorists as a threat, this document now places conservatives as a greater threat to this nation than terrorists.

So, watch out! There may be a conservative near you!

Well, hold on. I happen to support the tea parties and I am no terrorist. And I think 99% of those who are attending these tea parties, or who support them as I do, are normal American citizens who don't want to see their taxes go up at the benefit of the rich and the poor who have done nothing to earn it.

The purpose of the tea parties is the same as it was during the Boston Tea party so many years ago, and that is to protest King George's tax on tea for the purpose of funding things the common people of America did not benefit from. The general theme was: why should American colonists pay for wars way over in Europe.

While symbolic, the tea parties resemble the same traditional values of the particpators in the original tea party. That the purpose of coming to America in the first place was to escape tyrany, to escape being forced to be a particular religion, and to escape being forced to pay taxes that incorporate no benefit to those paying them.

This is more than just a protest on taxes, they are also a protest of the large government bailout of big businesses. So, you have the rich who are failures at running businesses getting half our money, and poor who didn't earn it getting the rest.

What about us poor folks in the middle? Wasn't Obama supposed to be the voice of the common folk?

The purpose of the tea parties to provide common tax paying folks like you and me an opportunity to voice our concern. And, quite frankly, I think it's about time the good people on the right side of the isle decided to take action.

As my blogging friends have stated, I hope this movement takes hold and, despite the wishes of the liberals who fear conservatives so much they classify them as a greater threat than terrorists, I pray it grows the conservative movement to the level that won in 1980 and 1994.

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