Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Lambert will be the next great rock star

You have to be impressed by what happened on American Idol this week, as it appeared that Christianity and conservatism won out over a person who was, in my opinion, the better singer and better performer.

Oh, by the way, my opinion doesn't matter. Simon Cowell and the rest of the American Idol judges all said that Adam Lambert was by far the best singer ever to appear on American Idol. It was to the point that Cowell told viewers to vote for Adam Lambert (and yes that is legal on this show).

According to this article, Adam Lambert, with his black nails and his flashy appearance, seemed to take over the show. And, at times, it appeared as thought the show was not American Idol, but the " Adam Lambert Show."

Yet, Kris Allen, who's good looks and singing that to me is about as flashy as any of the other Christian Conservative bands you hear on Christian radio networks, won the day. He is, after all, THE American Idol 2009.

Which means nothing. Kris Allen may be a great singer for Christian radio networks, yet in the end, Adam Lambert will be the better CD seller. You heard it here first.

My two liberal friends at work think Lambert might be gay. One said, "You're going to vote for Allen becaue he's a Christian." My buddy was wrong. I have never once voted for any American Idol contestant. I leave that to the teens who hover and drool at the feet of those they adore.

I said, "I do not care if someone is gay or not. I have nothing against gay people. I have many friends who are, and listen to the music of the likes of those who are (Boy George is an elite singer by the way). I work with some who are to."

"You say that," he said, "but that's not what you really believe."

"I only say what I mean. I treat all people alike. I am fair. This is America. This is American Idol. It's a great show."

So, for you liberals who hate my blog because I am against gay marriage, you can find some solace in knowing that I am fair. Adam Lambert is an awesome singer with an awesome voice and an awesome stage presence not unlike Prince and Elton John, Sting, Kiss, Queen, Boy George, or any such elite music makers who may be awkward in their public persona.

I have a sense that he may even be an elite singer as the afore mentioned. Yet I have no idea if what I just said will be true. It could turn out to be true that Kris Allen is the next Carrie Underwood.

Although Allen will not be the new Country music queen, but the Christian music king. That, I have to say, is a possibility. Although I have to admit I do not listen to Christian music on a regular basis, unless a Christian song so happens to make it to the top 40 music station.

And I have no problem with a singer as flashy as Lambert, any more than I have a problem with Elton John or a wacky band like No Doubt or a far out rap band. Or Sting. No. If some one, or some band, can make great music, I am a fan.

And, that said, I am a fan of Adam Lambert. He will be a great Rock Star. He will. I predict he will be a rock star. He has, as Simon Cowell often says, "the IT factor." He has the IT factor the way Carrie Underwood has the IT factor to Country music (although he is not HOT like Carrie is).

Adam Lambert is Awesome man.

I am not opposed to gay rights. A friend of mine said those opposed to gay marriage are opposed to gay rights. Um, it is true that all men have the same rights, gay or not gay.

So, the Battle for gay marriage is not the same as the Civil Rights battle. All men cannot get married to another man. Sorry. It is true. Doah.

No, I am not assuming a man who wears black nails is gay. I am just saying. Although those who hate me will assume as they wish.

Yet, as my old science teacher would say, if you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

Yet, in a sense, you can't help but feel some consolation for the conservative movement and Christianity that all such individuals gathered together and voted in a united fashion for an inferior singer, yet a united conservative Christian.

And, in that way, you have to be impressed with the way American Idol ended today. Yes, I was surprised.

This is all to prove that I have nothing against weird people just because I am a conservative and a Christian. I love all people equal, and I am fair. As, ahem, are most good people.

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