Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conservatism is alive and well

It seems that too many people get the republican party confused with the conservative movement. These two things are not one and the same. Yet that's what our government run school system seems to be teaching.

I am perplexed by the number of people who have tried to convince me that the republican party lost in 2008 because it is run by conservatives. It's surprising because I know John McCain was the republican candidate, and he was no conservative -- he was a moderate republican.

Yet, even while Colon Powel left the republican party to endorse Obama, he now says that his party (the republican party) needs to move more to the middle. It's awkward he says this for two reasons: 1) he is no longer a republican, and 2), McCain was the candidate he was referring to.

Actually, so was George W. Bush. Bush was conservative when it came to the economy and military, but when it came to spending he was as liberal as they come. And this, my friends, is why the republican party came out of favor.

And, as the party moved closer to the middle (became more liberal), and started to create more government programs, and nominated John McCain to run for president, all it achieved was to make itself look just like the democratic party.

Since America was unhapppy with republicans and democrats, and republicans were in power at the time, they decided to elect the person of the opposite party -- the democrat Obama.

So a wise person would be aware that conservativism did not lose the last election. In fact, conservatism wasn't even represented in the last election. Conservatism in its true form hasn't been represented since 1988 when Ronald Reagan left office.

Yet people in the media, teachers in our schools, will have us all believe that republican is conservative, and that conservatism lost in 2008. A wise person who knows the difference between democrat and liberal, and republican and conservative wouldn't confuse the two.

The truth is that conservatism did not lose in 2008. The truth is that by Super Tuesday McCain had only 30% of the vote to that point, and all the conservative candidates split 60% of the votes.
Conservatism is alive and kicking. All we need is a candidate like Ronald Reagan who represents us, who represents America as a whole rather than a a bunch of separate parts. We need someone who gives America as a whole hope.

Not one candidate since Ronald Reagan and Margarette Thatcher has lead the conservative movement. It will take a true leader. Geore H.W. Bush wasn't that leader. Bob Dole was too moderate. George W. Bush wasn't that leader either. John McCain was too moderate.

In fact, all the above names were moderates in one way or another. Either that, or they were more conserned with telling people what they thought they wanted to hear rather than run as a principled candidate who represented what he truly believed in -- traditional American principles.

Conservatism is not divided. The republican party is divided because of who is on top of ticket. And that's why we need a strong principled conservative to take charge and lead. Right now I really like Newt Gingrich. What do you think?

The best way to put people back in charge of this country is to allow conservatism to succeed. Conservatism is capitalsim. Liberalism is socialism. You get government out of the way (minus some regulation) so people -- America, you and me -- can prosper. Conservatism (regulated) has never failed. Liberalism (in any form) has never succeeded.

Yet too many people don't understand this. Which is why I often wonder about sending my kids to the free government run school system.

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