Monday, October 26, 2009

A public option would NOT benefit us all

It's not surprising that the "Detroit Free Press" officially announced its endorsement of public health option in it's Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009, edition, "A public health option would benefit us all."

In it's editorial it writes, "Where is the outrage? The Senate Finance Committee voted for a bill that makes no meaningful reform in America's ailing health care system. Why do Republicans and conservative Democrats refuse even to consider a public option? The answer lies in the large campaign contributions that these candidates receive from the health insurance companies."

You could say the same for the liberal democratic angle for supporting a public option. However, I have a better reason why conservatives do not support a public option:

It's a stupid idea!

The only people who will benefit under a public option would be the 20-30 million who are currently uninsured and the liberal movement in the U.S.

Lord knows the goal of Obama is to tell us he is doing this for our benefit with his fingers crossed behind his back. His goal, the good Lord knows, is to make America more socialist.

The editorial states: "The insurance industry is wealthy, powerful and greedy. Greedy is an ugly word, but applicable in this case. Profits are enormous. Executives receive huge salaries and lavish benefits."

Greed. To liberals greed is profits. Anyone who receives a profit in the capitalistic system at the expense of the needy is a greedy person. Greed therefore is synonymous with profit. So, since insurance companies make a profit, they therefore are greedy and b-a-d.

That's not to mention that part of the reason insurance companies make so much money is because insurance costs so much, and one of the main reasons insurance costs so much is because of Federal regulations preventing insurance companies in different states from competing with one another. Competition, thus, drives down prices.

Therefore, if the editors of the Detroit Free Press were really interested in driving down the cost of health care and creating a system that works best for everyone they really should write an editorial championing against health care reform and for increased competition.

Likewise, the way to improved competition is by reducing regulation. Oh, but liberals do not like to undo regulations because liberals believe most people are stupid and incapable of being honest and fair without such regulations. Conservatives (democratic and republican) trust the people, and are more likely to support a more capitalistic approach to solving the health care crisis.

"Vastly overpaid executives, TV commercials, lobbyists -- is that how our insurance money should be spent?" If this spending will prevent us from ever getting a public option, hell yeah. I would imagine if Congress quit trying to pass laws that threaten to make our health care worse, insurance companies would find wiser ways to spend our money.

"We must have a public option! It would not eliminate the private insurance companies, but it would provide healthy competition -- and a healthier America." Says you! Where's your proof?

With history as our guide, and other similar programs from other countries and Massachusetts, a public option that costs less will force small businesses to go with the cheaper public option. People who lose their jobs will also be forced onto the public option. Young people who come of age will be force on to the public option.

Eventually, by the process of attrition, a majority of Americans will be on the public option. This is the same process liberals used to get a majority of kids in the government run school system. The public school system is free, so what choice do people like me have but to send my kids their to be indoctrinated by liberal dogma.

The choice that is right for the future of America right now is to not support a public health option, to not support Obama's socialized health care plan, and to continue to debate the issue of health care reform in the arena of ideas. Eventually a more viable option will be the result.

For more information about why the current healthcare reform bills on the table are not good for the America you and I envision click here.

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