Friday, November 6, 2009

What's the United States coming to?

What is the United States of America coming to? You have Nadal Makik Hasan, an army major, killing 12 of his fellow soldiers as Fort Hood. You have kids shooting kids in schools. You have wars to prevent wars and people opposing it. You have wars to spread democracy and peace and to protect Americans, yet those who oppose.

You have the House of Representatives trying to force a vote on a healthcare reform bill more than half of Americans are afraid to death of and don't want. The House Speaker won't even allow the bill to be posted on the Internet for 72 hours like she promised. Yet like that's enough time to read a 2,000 page report that's written for lawyers anyway. The Senate will likewise try to jam a 2000 page bill through to the President not because this will insure more Americans but because they want more government control of good folks like you and me.

You have a U.S. Census to be done in 2010 and the Senate votes against a provision that would make sure folks state whether or not they are U.S. Citizens. It cannot be the America Thomas Jefferson envisioned when thousands of illegal immigrants in some states can alter the representative status of those states at the expense of states with mostly legal residents. We have a President and a liberal Congress pent on forcing the rest of America to pay for abortions they don't want to pay for. You have have leaders trying to pass a cap and trade policy during a recession that will make it even tougher for businesses to make a profit, and the increased regulations will almost surely be passed on to the masses. This after our President promises not to raise taxes on the middle class.

The U.S. House passes global warming bill over republican disapproval of it. The Congress of our country is trying to force global warming down our throat in a time when we can least afford the added stress on our economy, and all this based on a theory -- a theory.

You have a known enemy of the U.S. experimenting with nuclear weapons and a President of the United States who is doing nothing about it. You have a military leader in Afghanistan asking for more troops, and the President who selected him as his military leader for Afghanistan taking forever to make a decision at the risk of losing more troops during the delay. You have a government creating a panic over a new flu called the H1N1 that is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

You have conservatives rallying against the health care plan and throwing tea parties. Did you hear that last sentence? Conservatives I said. You never see conservatives this upset in a country where 20% of us say we are conservative and only 12% liberal.

You have a country that fears to death socialism yet we blindly hire a leader who is a known socialist to lead us, and who will socialize this country in the name of global warming and healthcare against our will. You have government leaders trying to take away the voices of those who oppose them by getting rid of the fairness doctrine.

Thomas Jefferson just rolled over in his grave.

You have a president declaring war on a talk show host while a general in a war zone has to wait three months for a response to his request for more troops.

"Hold on, Mr. General. Your war has to hold while I deal with my war on Rush Limbaugh."

In a nation where 95% of us speak English we have to get everything repeated to us twice in two different languages. And everything we buy is so confusing because it has to be in Spanish and English. And you go to the corner market and you can't even understand the store clerk because those who become legal immigrants aren't required to blend into this country as Americans.

You have two parties: one representing true American values and capitalism, the other representing government control in the ilk of Castro. You have a President who caters to socialist leaders as though they were his best pal. You have a President going around the world not talking about how great his country is, but apologizing for it. You have a President who doesn't do what it takes to make the U.S. more powerful, yet tries to make it less powerful by making treaties to eliminate all the nuclear weapons we have. Yet -- yet -- there are still those who are pent on destroying us.

Ah the fear -- the fear -- the fear our leader creates because he trusts those who hate us so much.

You have people voting that are not even alive. You have dogs and cats voting. And most of these fake voters voting for liberals. You have sex on national TV. You have cartoons made for adults only during prime time. You have government run schools because most of us can't afford the private runs that are inculcating liberal (socialist) values into the minds of our children. You have people getting mad because a cross has been on a mountain cliff owned by the government for 100 years, yet other religions can show what they want on government owned land. You have an outcry over innocent prayer by children (children mind you?) in schools.

You have a battle on the religions that build this nation -- Christianity. You have people in power who disregard and disrespect the U.S. Constitution. You have judges who make laws from the bench and disregard the Constitution. You have judges who rule by laws of other nations. You have activist judges who rule by their opinion rather than their law. You have kids who can't even surf the net without being exposed to free porn.

You have people who are encouraged to stay on the government dole. You have people who are encouraged to stay poor just so they stay voters of liberals. You have people who have kids so they can get more money from the government. You people who could provide a good home for a child making the responsible decision to stop having kids, yet those who are less fortunate having half a dozen kids who will grow up in poverty and probably continue to be in poverty when they grow up. Liberals like this because they will be good democrats.

You have a media you cannot trust. You have a media that does not do it's job of being skeptical of government and does not ask the tough questions of people that have the same political views as it does. Those who are conservative are introduced as controversial, yet liberals introduced as democrat from Ohio. You have people being allowed to burn flags under the guise of free speech when a flag is an object and not speech. You have law makers who want to tax pop. You have people claiming that interrogations are torture so we can't do what it takes to get information from known enemies -- even if it is to save lives.

Ah, come on folks! What is the United States of America coming too. You have a President who wants America to be a part of the World Order. A President who wants a world court to rule over us that supersedes our Constitution and OUR sovereignty. You have a President who is proud to destroy the American economy and military mite so it is on the same level as Europe. Yet, while this is going on, China strides forward. While our leaders want us to sign a treaty that regulates businesses in the name of global warming, China and India refuse to take part in this. So, the result will be the China's economy continues to grow and the U.S. economy will shrink.

You have 40% of the members of the party in charge of the nation "not proud" of their own country. And the people who are proud of their country rallying and crying out from their seats, "No! Stop!" Yet our leader won't even allow one person with an opposing view into his House to discuss the most radical bill in modern times. You have people in power who want to diminish our need to rely on foreign countries for energy, but refuse to allow new oil refineries and refuse to allow for the development of nuclear plants and storage facilities. They want cleaner energy, yet they won't allow the cleanest and most efficient energy in nuclear power.

You have a former president to bad mouths America being awarded the noble peace prize. You have a former president who attempts to destroy America's economy with his global warming driven regulations. You have a President who has barely been elected and gets a noble peace prize because he appoligizes for America's arrogance. Yet another president who freed 40 million people gets nothing but scorn.

You have people in power who know theire time is limited and who are going to cram everything they can so they can change our America to their America.

It's time for a conservative revolution! It's time we take OUR country back!

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