Sunday, April 18, 2010

The fear game will no longer work

The fear game! Fear tactics! I'm sure you're familiar with this game where members of one political party or another creates some level of fear in order to gain public approval of some government party.

Obama has used it often since he's been President, and, quite frankly, I think the American Public is starting to feel like the little boy in the childhood tale of "The little boy who called wolf."

Yes, I know that Bush started this game. He used the fear tactic to gain public approval of the War in Iraq. He used this same fear tactic to gain approval of his bail out. And now Obama is playing the same game and, and doing it again and again and again.

They made us think that it was imminent that Congress pass these big spending bills in order to bail out banks that should have been allowed to fail. They should have been allowed to fail because we the people should not be bailing out any business that has been involved in bad business practice.

Basically, by bailing out these companies, you are making the people -- that's you and me and our children -- pay for the failings of these companies, instead of the companies themselves.

Of course Obama has taken this a step further, and had used it to create a health care crisis that doesn't (or didn't) exist. Where is the health care crisis. I don't see people standing in line waiting to get into hospitals. I have never once ever seen a person rejected from my hospital. It has never happened. There never has been a crisis.

Now Obama is trying to say (as you can read here) that there will be a new financial crisis if he doesn't pass another government bailout, or program, or something. What I think America is thinking about all this now is: I'm calling you on your bluff.

It's time to stop this "fear" game. I think it's time we let these failing businesses fail, take the hit, sure it might hit us hard, but that's all in the name of fairness. That's all in the name of common sense. It's time we stop spending money on programs that make no sense.

I know! I know! I know! That the whole purpose of the fear game is to pass the progressive agenda so that the progressives can take their little baby steps to some day gain this perfect, euphoric world they think is possible but is not. Yet we the people don't want this anymore. We don't believe in your fear. WE ARE NOT SCARED!

America does not consist of a bunch of pansies who are scared over every little thing that comes along. America is the home of the brave, of the inventors, of the creators. We invent ways to prosperity. We are the greatest country in the history of the world, and we didn't get here by being a bunch of pansies.

But anything with the word "proud" and "American" doesn't matter to the progressives. They don't want an isolated America. They don't want America to be "the home of the brave" or the home of the "greatest Constitution" in the history of the world. They want America to blend in to all the other countries, to become a part of the New World Order.

People, they are trying to do this by instilling the fear tactic. That's the only way they can convince us to get what they want. That's how FDR was able to pull the wool over our eyes and create his Social Security program, LBJ his "Great Society," Nixon his Welfare State, Bush his War in Iraq, and Obama his big business bail out.

Can you imagine if America truly is no longer the greatest country on the planet. If we, like Obama wants, get rid of all the nukes in the world. You're going to have some country make nukes anyway, some country like Iran or North Korea, and there will be no America to step in and save the world, as what occurred in WWI, WWI, and the War on Terror.

People! We have awakened. We are the beast that will take on the totalitarian beast that has become Washington. The FEAR GAME will no longer work.

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Khaki Elephant said...

And beyond fear is their sense of moral superiority. They believe an entitlement agenda is kind rather than seeing the oppressive yoke of dependency. They press a fear of capitalism, equating it with greed, despite capitalism's innate morality as the only economic philosophy that is color and gender blind; the only economic philosophy where anybody can be rewarded for production.