Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progressives are idealists: period!!!

Do you ever notice whenever you try to defend the truth there's people around you who will always try to tell you you are wrong, ignorant and stupid. They may not use those exact words, yet that's how it is.

Now I'm not one to bring up politics much, mainly because I'm not much of a debater. I might be a good online debater because online you have plenty of time to think, and make a good response. But in the real world I'm not good at thinking of a good response off the cuff. Sometimes I am, yet debating is not my suit.

Yet when the topic is brought up, I'll state my opinion. Like this morning when the Today show had a segment discussing a possible tax on pop. The goal, according to the lady being interviewed, was to get people to stop buying pop.

I said to my friend, "There are 32 states with a similar tax, and it records show it hasn't stopped one person from purchasing a pop. Sales have not diminished whatsoever."

My friend said, "The goal is not to get people to stop buying pop, it's to make more money."

"Sure, you are right, but the ULTIMATE goal of these people is to create a perfect society. They are idealists. They think they know what's best for you, and they want to create a perfect world where everyone is in good shape, there are no poor, and there is no war. That's their ultimate goal."

"No it's not," she said, "It's to make more money for the government."

"True," I said, "but their ultimate goal is to create a perfect society. They believe perfection is possible, while idealists like myself know it's not. The only reason they need more money is to fund their socialist programs that they think are going to some day make the world perfect."

"No, I don't believe that at all. You're an idiot."

Ah. See what I mean. Anyone who opposes any socialist position is an idiot. They have no better argument. I'm dumb. I'm stupid. I have an opposing view, so I'm an idiot.

Now the person I discussed this with was not a liberal by any means, nor a progressive, yet she went through the government run school system and she believes what she was taught there.

"They just want to make more money," she added.

"Yes, you're correct," I said, "but the reason they need money is to fund socialism, which is an attempt to make a perfect, ideal, euphoric world where there is no war, no poor, and everyone is perfectly healthy. Of course you and I know this perfect world is not possible."

"How do you know that?"

"In order to get rid of the poor, they have to tax the rich. They have to tax the middle class. They have to tax everyone as many times as they can. In that way you are absolutely right. Yet their ultimate goal is perfection."

"Oh, you're an idiot."

That's fine. I can take the criticism. I'm just an EVIL conservative who is a thinker. Sure you might disagree with me, yet, in a debate, the person who becomes angered is the first to come to the realization she has no facts to back up her claim.

The facts are on our side. Idealism is not possible, and attempts to create it have destroyed governments (look up the U.S.S.R), and has thus taken away freedoms, because to get something for "free" means you are a prisoner of the person or "government" providing the "free" service.

Of course I use "free" loosely here, because we all know "free" from government is not really "free," we are all paying for it via our hard earned money. Yet instead of us getting to decide where our money is spent, a person sitting in a leather chair in Washington does.

Yes, it is true that these people are idealists. And just because I have made this observation does not make me an idiot.

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