Friday, May 14, 2010

Republicans are worse; democrats are worser

So I'm flipping through the channels in a patient waiting room during a down time at work, and for some reason I ended up watching the Glenn Beck Program. I sort of caught the tale end of his commentary, where he was talking about a Republican Senator who was guilty of supporting progressive tax and spend policies.

That kind of got Mr. Beck off on a tangent, which is what lead to our quote of the day:

"If you want a progressive or a socialist in the Office of the President you vote for a democrat. If you want a democrat now, you have to vote for republican."

That quote pretty much sums up what's wrong with Washington, and why poll numbers are so pathetic. It also explains why many states are close to going bankrupt (the way of Greece), and why even the United States is headed in that direction.

Whether you are republican or democrat, you simply cannot keep spending the way progressives are. You can't keep creating entitlement programs, and then taxing hard working Americans to pay for them.

Look, here in the U.S. just under 50% of Americans pay for the programs that they don't even qualify for, and for every tax dollar taken from an American worker, that's one more person who is out of a job."

That's sound economics 101. It's almost amazing how these "highly qualified and educated" people don't understand this. The reason countries are in debt and can't pay their bills is because they are spending too much money.

If Congress would stop taking away our money, we'd spend it, and the economy would be fine. If they cut taxes, everything would balance out. Yet, they just don't get it.

The republicans are worse, and the democrats are worser. That's why we need sound conservatives or even libertarians (or classical liberals) to come in and save our country. It's starts with you and me in the voting booth.

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