Monday, June 7, 2010

American schools teach only one view

Recently I heard the following quote, "I think it's important that all points of view are taught in school so that kids are well rounded and learn to think for themselves."

Awesome quote, except for one thing: most public school systems teach progressivism.

They teach that global warming is fact not theory.

They teach that redistribution of wealth benefits the poor and doesn't hurt them.

They preach that high taxes make more money for the government instead of the truth: high taxes punish achievement and encourage hoarding of money instead of investing and innovation.

They preach gay rights instead of noting that all Americans have rights gay or straight.

They preach that affirmative action benefits blacks instead of that it encourages racism by encouraging people to hire by skin color instead of content of character.

They preach that Thanksgiving was about thanking the Indians as opposed to the truth that the Pilgrims were thanking God for the good crops that were brought about after they introduced the Pilgrims to capitalism. They tried socialism and redistribution of wealth and it didn't motivate people to work.

They preach that world peace is possible as opposed to the idea that there will always be bad guys we'll need to defend ourselves against.

They preach that poverty will some day be ended, as opposed to the reality that there will always be some poor (always has been, always will)

They preach that giving free stuff to the poor will help them, as opposed to the idea that teaching the poor how to prosper is a better solution.

They preach that Joseph McCarthy was an evil man because he accused the FDR and Truman administrations of having 50 Soviet socialists in their midst, as opposed to telling the truth that the Vinona Accords released in 1991 confirmed that not only were there 50 Soviets in these administrations, there were over 100.

They preach that FDR ended the Great Depression, although we now know he merely prolonged it.

They teach evolution as fact, yet fail to teach other views such as creationism and scientism. I personally believe in evolution, yet it's the only "theory" taught.

You get the picture. The public school systems are a library of liberal thought. I'm not implying all teachers are liberal, yet most material is.

Our children must be taught all views. Yet they are only taught one. To inculcate a world of thinkers, all views must be taught and teachers must remain unbiased -- at least in the classroom.

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Anonymous said...

Evolution is the only thing taught because it's the only scientific explanation there is regarding the how life became so diverse. until actual evidence for other things is actually provided they will not be taken seriously buy scientists