Friday, July 2, 2010

Kagan doesn't believe in inalienable rights

As the Declaration of Independence proclaims, we have natural rights, God given rights, to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Elana Kagan was asked by Senator Coburn, without using the name of the document, if she believed humans had rights outside of what is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

She couldn't answer it. She believes the U.S. Constitution is a living document and that it can be changed from day to day, yet she cannot say that or she will never be voted in as a Supreme Court Justice. If she says the truth, she'll be done.

So she stutters, trying to stop her true feelings from coming out: "Senator Coburn, t-t-to be honest with you, I -- I -- I don't have a view of what are natural rights, independent of the Constitution. And my job as a justice will be to enforce and defend the Constitution and other laws of the United States."

I picked up on the wording of Coburn, that he was quizzing Kagan to see if she was aware of the wording of the Declaration of Independence, and she failed big time.

Now we are all aware that the Declaration of Independence is not law, but it defines us as a people. It defines who we are. It defines us as a people who fight to protect each others inherent rights as opposed to trying to make new laws that take away old laws or natural laws.

Kagan believes the Constitution is living, that it can be changed, that through small revolutions, she can make it into her Constitution with her ideal values and her ideal world instead of a Constitution that belongs to all of us; that is binding; that is complete. One that assures our God Given Rights are never taken away by the Government.

It basically assures the government can't tell us what we have to eat, how we have to live, where we have to live, how we have to breath, what we can and cannot say, and stuff like that. That's what the Constitution is all about. And that's what the Declaration of Independence is all about.

She should be ashamed of herself. She should not be seen at any 4th of July Festival this 4th of July or any other. She should go to some other country where there is no respect for unalienable rights and she can run for some court in one of those countries and try to change those countries to the way she wants it as opposed to trying to, by insidious methods and not telling the whole truth (lying), change our great country, and disrespect our Great documents.

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