Friday, September 10, 2010

Media made idiotic Quran burning an issue

Rev. Jerry Jones is the leader of a small (less than 50 people) church in Florida that was going to burn Quran's in a display of discontent over a Mosque that was planned to be build during ground zero.

A few days ago Jones said the burning would be off because Imam Muhammad Musri said he would stop the Mosque from being build near ground zero.

Ah, but it appears Musri either lied or Jones misunderstood him, because Musri has now officially said that he told Jones no such thing: that the plans to construct the mosque are still on.
So, as you can read the most recent report here, is the quran burning still on, or is it not? The burning was planned for September 11, 2010, so I suppose we'll have to wait to see.

Yes, burning the Quran is legal in the U.S. and should be. And it is highly likely Muslim organizations around the world would use this as a display to show how much American discontent there is of the Muslim world.

In my common sense view, both sides lack common sense. When Muslims burned bibles (as you can read here), many Americans saw it as moronic and senseless and a sign of an intollerent peoples and an intollerent religion.

Burning Qurans is moronic and as stupid as when Muslims burn Bibles, especially for a Christian minister. Christianity became a great world religion because it is tolerant of others.

Other than the religious wars of the 1500s, Christians have been a very tolerant religion. It's a religion that encourages people to live their lives well, be good to themselves, live long, and be good to others, regardless of religious affiliation, and you'll get to Heaven.

And burning of the Quran is, in my view, anti-Christian. It's stupid. And the Reverend who proposes this should lose his job. In the Muslim world, if he were to propose this he would have already have been beheaded.

We don't behead in the Christian world. In our world, you have a Constitutional right to burn whatever you want (in most places and within limits). Yet you still don't have a moral or ethical right to do it. You don't have a Christian right to do it.

As a leader of a Christian church, the Rev. Jerry Jones should be ashamed of himself. Even if he doesn't go through with the burning, he created a stir that was not Christian -- not tolerant -- at all.

Yet you'd think that since there are only 50 people in his church this entire ordeal wouldn't neven have been known about, except for the media making an issue of it.

So if the media was so concerned about the Muslim world's conception of this issue, if it truly wanted to do good, it never would have reported on it in the first place.

That's right! The quran burning, or the threat thereof, is meaningless. It means nothing. Yet the media, in typical fashion, has made a mountain of a molehill.

And this is yet another perfect example of media ignorance.

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