Monday, September 27, 2010

Rhinos: Republicans in name only

Republicans-In-Name-Only are those folks who run for public office who run as republicans not because they believe in republican principles, but because they believe most people in their voting district vote republican, and so they become republicans just to get elected.

I know a few where I live. I sit on a county commission, and I know 2 or three of the seven on the board are admitted democrats who run as republicans because Shoreline is a very conservative community.

Sure, they run as republicans, and even -- like John McCain -- tell voters that they are conservatives. McCain mentioned that he was a conservative many times, in his attempt to cater to the right of center American mainstream.

Yet when they get elected they turn back to their progressive roots. They join the progressive democrats in supporting bailouts, tax hikes, increased government programs 'for our own good,' and other progressive agenda items.

Once elected, RINOs agree with liberal democratic policies. It does no good to the republican cause to have RINOs agreeing with liberal democrat policies and voting for it because it just causes people to think republicans are just as bad as democrats, and that conservatism is just as bad as liberalism.

Of course they think conservatism is bad because many people think republicanism and conservatism are one and the same. Of course we know this is not true, but that's what a lot of people think

This is why it's important for real conservatives to be elected in general primaries, even if they lose the general election. If conservatives lose, then liberal democrats will be blamed for liberal democrat failures like Obama and the democrats are doing now.

Yet if republicans get control of Congress, and we have a 51 seat majority, and 10 of that 51 majority are RINOs who agree with liberal democrat policies, and those liberal democrat policies are passed while republicans are in control, then you can see who will be blamed for the failures of those policies -- republicans and conservatives.

As I noted above, conservatives will get blamed even though the true conservative republicans would never support progressive ideas or liberal democrat ideas. Yet a RINO would.

This is why it's so important to wash the RINOs out of Washington. And that's exactly what's happening around America today. While the media and liberal democrats will tell us it's an anti-incumbent election. The truth is it's an anti-liberal, anti progressive (actually, liberal and progressive are one and the same) election.

And what good is a 51 seat majority if 6 of them are going to vote with democrats. It really doesn't do any good. So it's better to vote for the conservative than to vote for the RINO you know will win.

Yes you do have your chairmanships and with that comes power. And then you have RINOs like McCain and Snowe and Collins who will cross the islse so they can tell their voters come the next election they are non-partisan and willing to compromise. Yet we know that compromise is basically another way of saying we support liberalism.

And with a 51 vote majority you have the democratic president getting his agenda passed, and then he gets to claim that he's bipartisan. And that's why RINOs don't run and talk about a republican agenda, because all they want is power, so they can support the progressive agenda, which basically means supporting liberal democrat ideas.

Of course that is until the next election, and then they'll pretend to be conservative. Of course in the process of all this the GOP bland gets further destroyed. This is why RINOs are horrible.

Right now Obama is seething for a republican majority in the House and Senate so he can blame republicans for all his liberalism has destroyed or will destroy. And when a republican House passes a tax cut bill that will really stimulate the economy, he will sign it and watch as the economy becomes better. Then he will win re-election.

That's exactly what happened in 1994 when Republicans won the House for the first time in over 40 years. They passed a bill to cut taxes, Clinton signed it, and he took credit.

RINOs will vote for cap and trade, for more stimulus, for tax hikes, for more government programs. Well, at least until election time. Then they go back into hybernating. That's it. RINOs are really Bears in hybernation. The truth comes out after elections.

It's an anti liberal democrat and anti-RINO election. And that's a good thing for America, and the preservation of the U.S. Constitution.

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