Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Polls: 20% say they are liberal (is it a lie?)

There have been many polls I've seen lately that pretty much rough it out that 20% of Americans say they are liberals, 40% say they are conservative, and 38% say they are independent. Are these statistics accurate?

The polls are accurate and consistent. And these polls make sense considering most Americans tend to lean center-right. Yet considering liberalism has infested both the republican and democratic parties, is it still true that only 20% are liberals?

Yet liberalism, with it's redistribution of wealth properties, tends to be as unpopular as progressivism and socialism and communism. People don't want to be associated with those terms. While Conservatism is a good word, liberalism tends to give one a foul taste in his mouth.

And, therefore, to come right out and say one is a liberal is akin to saying one is a socialist: not good.

Therefore, it is better to lie. And, that begs the question: do most liberals lie and say they are independent? Are a bunch of those independents really liberals? Are liberals liars? Do they hide their true political beliefs?

Just curious.

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