Friday, February 11, 2011

It's time for celebration, yet time to be leary

We can see celebration in the streets of Egypt, and celebration around the rest of the world as they see that the youth in Egypt got what they wanted: Mubarak to step down. So many feel good today, yet what happens tomorrow?

Celebrate today, because an evil dictator has been removed. However, we must be leary, because this evil dictator was not so evil, because he had a peace deal with both the United States and with the people of Israel. This was necessary to keep the peace in the Middle East for the past 30 years.

So we must be leary.

"Be careful that you aren't too hungover to deal with tomorrow," said Glenn Beck in today's episode of the Glenn Beck show. Beck has been one of the few to be sceptical of what's going on in Egypt.

Progressives have been writing in their books, and lecturing each other, since the early 1900s about how to create a New World Order. One of the keys is to create a fundamental transformation by getting the youth to riot in the streets. It's a revolution by the youth.

Today the youth in Egypt, about 1 percent of the Egyptian population (about 200,000), got what they wanted: Mubarak stepped down. This is great if a democracy is formed, yet if the Muslim Brotherhood, or if any other radical Islamic group taks over this country, we are doomed.

Well, we are doomed unless you are a supporter of a New World Order or a Caliphate ruling over the world, including the United States.

Obama said today, "There are few moments in our lives when we get to witness history taking place. The people of Egypt spoke, they were heard, and Egypt never will be the same."

Obama is happy. He's happy because people are so happy with what's going on in Egypt. He's happy by what they don't see: that it's really chaos.

One sign at the revolution today said, "Mission Accomplished." You see, there is so much excitement here, yet no mission has been accomplished. A stable democracy has not been created. And the stage is set for radical Islam to jump in, just like it did in Iran in 1979.

Or, the stage is set for a real democracy to be created. Yet it won't be right away. If a true democracy is to be created, Obama must act now. He must work to support those who want a true democracy in Egypt.

The media has spent so much time researching the tea party, yet they have spent so little time trying to understand the poeple who are for the revolution in Egypt. I think the president encouraged the revolution in his speach: "A momemtn of transformation is taking place. It's young people who have been at the forefront. A new generation, your generation, who want their voices to be heard."

Revolution starts with the youth. This has been in the progressive book for years. The protests become contagious, spread through the middle east, and end with a takeover of the west, and lead to protesting in the streets here.

Obama has already set the stage for chaos in the U.S. by raising taxes and increasing government programs to the point was cannot afford them. We will soon have to start cutting these programs to pay our bills, and when we cut programs, people will riot because, "I want what is mine. I want my pensions that I deserve."

That's right. It comes down to materialism. People in the U.S. have become material. They worship their stuff before their God and values. They overthrow their government. The Egyptians overthrew their government today, and there are many well financed organizations who would love to help the radicals take over Egypt.

Obama is smiling. Americans, if they value their freedom, better be prepared for this to happen. They better be prepared so they can try to stop it. Yet I don't believe Obama will.

Jordan, Sudan, Yeman, Saudi Araabia, Syria and Pakistan will work hard for their own revolution. Iran might have a revolution, and Iraq is still an unstable democracy. Abadinijad cracked down on the youth rising up in his own country, yet he's celebrating the same thing happening in Egypt. We'll see what happens Monday when many expect a revold by the youth in Iran.

When millions rose up in Iran in 2009 Obama was silent for 10 days, yet when the same happened in Egypt he tried to encourage it. He was silent when it was an enemy, yet not silent when it was an ally. Doesn't this show that he has an agenda he doesn't want us to know about? I mean, I don't know. I'm just asking?

It's a fundamental transformation by the youth, by the youth rioting in the streets to cause change. They are giving birth to change. It's the start of a world revolution.

"We will change this ciountry and we will change this world," Obama said when he was campaigning. "And we will mislead the people," he may have been thinking in secret.

Obama said today, "Change in Egypt has changed the world." Unless Glenn Beck is right, how could change in Egypt change the world. It has changed Egypt, yet how would it change the world?

Hopefully this leads to a democracy in Egypt and we won't have to worry so much. Yet with all the radicals in that region, it only makes sense that we take the radicals seriously. After all, they do wish for the end of the West, or at the very least the death of all non-Muslims.

It is a time for celebration, yet at the same time we must continue to be sceptical.

Beck responds to Mubarak resignation

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