Monday, April 11, 2011


Why is it that when I go on the Drudge Report I'm "reading trash," according to my fellow liberal coworker.

Why is it that when I make a quote that challenges the idea that FDR was a great president and he ended the Great Depression, my liberal friend says, "What? Is that something you learned from watching Rush Limbaugh?"

Why is it that when I'm watching Glenn Beck on Fox News, my liberal co-worker walks past the room I'm watching TV in and says, "You're getting your daily brainwashing."

Why is it when one listens to Rush Limbaugh, we're referred to as ,"Mind numbed robots."

Yet when my liberal friends watch CNN or NBC or ABC or MSNBC, nobody ever says anything to them. I have never once ever scolded my liberal friends for watching anything, or reading any book, or educating themselves in any way. Never once.

Yet every time I turn on any news outlet that allows for conservatives to have a voice, I am told, basically, that I'm a moron. Why is that?

Why is it that I'm challenged and liberals are never challenged? Why is it? Why is it that George Bush never castigated CBS and Dan Rather for falsely publishing news programs that lied that he falsified his military record, yet you have Obama's administration often criticizing and castigating Fox News simply for allowing Conservatives to have a voice?

Why is that? Why is it that we've become a society where only the liberal voice goes without question, and any conservative voice is considered "controversial?" Why is it, especially when conservatism is not controversial, but the majority in America?

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