Thursday, June 30, 2011

6 presidents never held public office before becoming president

1.  George Washington
2.  Herbert Hoover
3.  Ulysus S. Grant
5.  Dwight D. Eisenhower
6.  Zachary Taylor
7.  William Howard Taft

Some of these guys were pretty darn good presidents.  So I don't buy you need experience to be a good president.  In fact, sometimes I think inexperience might be a good thing.  What do you think?


S Hannaway said...

George Washington was in the Virginia House of Bugesses and the Continental Congress

Anonymous said...

Everyone single one of these men served in public office before the presidency. Just six of them served in appointed rather than elected office. Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower were generals confirmed by Congress to lead American soldiers. Hoover and Taft were cabinent secretaries. Washington had a long career in elected and appointed office including the Virginia House of Burgesses, Continental Congress, and the presidency of the Constitutional Convention in addition to his military service. Also Ulysses isn't spelled that way.

Anonymous said...

General is a rank not a public office.

Digger said...

The foreman of a factory is not given credit as a owner. A General is not a public office. Five of these 6 men did not have to answer to voters. Washington never held a position that he was voted into after we became a nation. The park Ranger in charge of a national park (Yellow Stone) is not considered as holding a public Office. When does a general get considered as holding a public office. Why not colonel, major or captain.