Friday, July 29, 2011

Is a balanced budget amendment constitutional?

I was actually for the balanced budget amendment before I was against it.  On the surface it sounds like a good idea to make the government balance it's budget, yet in reality it's not a good idea at all.  In fact, it's even unconstitutional.

It's also stupid.  You look at America and you'll see that most of us live in debt.  I live in debt and so does every one of my neighbors.  The only people I know who are alive today and don't live in debt are my parents, and they live by the old rules that you only spend the money you have and you live within your means.

Yet most people today are not like my parents.  We borrow money so we can live above our means.  It's this kind of thing that keeps the U.S. economy afloat.  Yet we make enough money so we can pay our bills.  However unwise it is to go deep in debt, it's sometimes necessary, especially when we are staring.

The value of the dollar has gone down.  To get a house to raise our kids in we will have to borrow and become slaves to the system.  And we are probably going to have to choose between a nice house and no land or land and a poor house.  And if we want to improve the house we will have to go even further in debt.

This is necessary debt, yet it's still debt.  So this is the system we have made for ourselves, or at least the system our parents made for us by those who they elected to public office.  So my thinking is if we have to go into debt to pay our bills, or to defend ourselves, or to better our lives, so to at times must the government.

Likewise, if the government were to have a balanced budget amendment, that means we wouldn't be able to go into debt for emergency purposes, and that would include necessary wars.

Also, if our Congressmen made laws that made us go into debt, judges would decide what laws are turned down.  Judges would therefore be making the laws and deciding where we spent our money instead of lawmakers, and this our founding fathers would frown all over.

I, therefore, do not support a balanced budget amendment.  It sounds good on the surface just like the 13th and 17th amendments, yet it's all poppycock with a political agenda splattered all over it.

So if we want to stop the government from being irresponsible with our money, and forcing us to buy things with our money we otherwise wouldn't buy, then it's up to us to elect responsible lawmakers, not rewrite our Constitution.  

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