Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Republicans need a message: Here one is!!!!

The republican party needs a message.  I think that message should be for staying united as one nation.  We should cater to ALL Americans not just one income group or one race or one creed.  We should have a message for all Americans.

We must stand together as one in order to move forward and to lead.  We should stand by the U.S. Constitution in all decisions we make.  We should encourage the reading the the Constitution in Congress, Senate, by the President and in schools.  We should encourage God and virtues at home and at school.

We must end class warfare. We must stop punishing people for making more money.  We must end the progressive tax system that gives people a disincentive for making more money.  We must increase the age of social security to 72 so people no longer rely on social security for their retirement.  Social security was intended by FDR to help the elderly, not to be a safety net for lazy people and politicians who spend our money to buy votes.

We must end all pork bills.  We must give the president the line item veto so he can cut out parts of bills added just to buy votes.  We must end government spending on frivolous projects such as experiments on how crabs have sex or how cows pick their noses.  We must discourage politicians from spending federal money on local projects no one else cares about just so they can win their local elections.

In other words, we must end frivolous spending our Federal money -- our money.

We should encourage economic common sense.  We must keep taxes low as to not punish achievement.  We must help the needy and the elderly, yet we must not allow people to use the government as a crutch.  We must rebuild the family unit by supporting marriage and ending welfare for anyone who isn't disabled.

Since we started the war on poverty more people are impoverished than when we started, more baby's are born to unwed moms, and crime has increased.  To lower poverty, to decrease crime, we must start by ending reliance on Uncle Sam and encourage personal responsibility and accountability.

To save our healthcare system we must decrease government involvement in it.  Instead of the government setting criteria for reimbursement the government must pay the same prices as you and I would pay if we didn't have insurance.  This would go a long way to reducing the cost of medicine because when the government is paying less we have to pay more to make up the difference. Healthcare insurance should be available across the country, and not be dependent on the state you live in.

We are a nation and we must compete with each other not as separate entities.  We must eliminate the federal role in education and give this job to the states.   The first step will be to eliminate The U.S. Department of Education.  It was created to improve schools in the U.S. and has failed in it's mission.This would allow states to set educational standards.The systems that are good will then be copied by other states, and the systems that fail will be dropped for better systems.

The best way to improve healthcare is through competition and individual choice, not by Uncle Sam deciding what's best for everyone.   We must restart the space program with a mission to land on the moon and then on Mars.  More discoveries for the good of mankind have come from the NASA program than any other, and we must therefore continue.  We must win the space wars, not cede to Russia and China.

We must create an economic environment that encourages people to save and invest, and we must encourage entrepreneurs to create new ideas.  We must encourage inventors to invent.  And we must create an environment with low taxes and less government regulation to allow for the creation of more jobs and thus increase purchasing power of regular citizens.

We must increase government revenue not by taxation but by incentives. The greatest incentive is the capital gains tax and income taxes, and both of these must be decreased.  Sure we'll see a net loss short term, yet once new jobs are created we will have more tax payers. This will increase government revenue.  With history as our guide, over the next ten years government revenue will double or even triple.

We must continue to maintain a strong national defense, because without a safe and secure nation we have nothing worth fighting for. We must do everything in our power to find our own sources of fuel and decrease our reliance and dependence on foreign nations for oil and natural gas.  By decreasing regulations we should create a better environment for those who wish to build new energy plants, nuclear plants and oil reserves.  Over the next ten years we must re-evaluate our role in foreign nations.

We must continue to champion freedom yet we must not participate in foreign wars unless the welfare and safety of American freedom is at stake.  With our own energy supply we will no longer be dependent on foreign nations and our need to participate in Iraq and Afghanistan will diminish so we can pull out of those nations.  Although we must seriously keep an eye on those nations and set high standards as to punish any nation or entity pent on developing any weapons or institutions pent on destroying American interests or the interests of our friends.

We must be allies with no nations yet a friend to all nations.  We must lead by example not with a stick.  We must lead by American exceptionalism.  We must lead by excellence.  We must take no part in efforts to create a new world order, and we must never participate in a world court that would diminish the role on Americans of the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution was written with the intent on protecting our natural rights, and it's the only such document that limits the power of government.  If we gave to a world court or order there would be no guarantee such an entity would not create a law to eliminate our natural rights that are now protected under the constitution.  Thus, we must NEVER cede our freedom by ignoring the Constitution.

The Constitution prevents lawmakers from making any laws that take away our natural rights, among then the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  We must be one nation, under God, with liberty.  We must be One.  We must be United.

We must eliminate the idea that we are a democracy because democracies fail.  We must go back to the founding father's idea that we are a republic. Our government represents us.  Because most people have to raise families and work for a living they don't have time to educate themselves about every little detail necessary to run a government, and this is why the founding fathers created a republic; so we can elect people who do have such time.  They represent us so that our nation can stay strong and powerful.  We are a republic.

We are a capitalism republic.  We are a free, capitalist republic, and we are a sovereign nation independent of foreign influence.  Our laws are our laws, and our judicial system must make decisions based on the rule of law of this nation, not on laws set by other nations, and not by their own opinions.  The Federal government laws trump state laws, state laws trump local laws, and so forth.  All judges must vow to represent the Constitution before their own personal interests.

We must lead through exceptionalism, we must be a republic, and we must encourage Americans to vote for a united republican party.  Therefore we must nominate republicans who vow to support the traditional American ideals and principles set forth in this post. We must nominate loyal Americans to the republican party who are true to the values and principles set forth in this post.

Bottom line, we must nominate republicans who will vow to support the Constitution, vow to cut regulations, vow to maintain a common sense taxation system that is fair to all Americans, vow to cut regulations that don't make sense, vow to decrease the government's role in education and healthcare to make both more accessible and affordable to all Americans.

Most important, we must nominate republicans who vow to maintain unity and treat all Americans as Americans and not as separate entities.  We must nominate an American who believes in American Exceptionalism.  We must nominate an American who understands how economies work, who understands American history, and who loves this nations and will lead this nation and not the world.

Likewise, we must not allow one of our own to compete against our own party.  We must not allow one of us to run as an independent, because this would surely mean a republican defeat in 2012.  We must stay united as a party so we can stay united as a nation.  We must lead.  We must move on.

Most important, we must understand that it is better to do nothing than it is to do something stupid. American Federalism was created so that the states could gamble.  This is why Romney care is acceptable and Obamacare is unconstitutional.  The reason the founders made it this way is to prevent the Federal government from taking gambles that might bankrupt the nation.  A state can fail, but the United States must never fail.  If the U.S. fails, freedom fails.

We must not create any more government programs that are gambles, and we must eliminate any government program that is failing.

As Ronald Reagan once said, America is the last beacon of hope for freedom.  We must stand up for this nation and we must protect our freedom.  Freedom is fragile and if we take it for granted we will lose it.  We must stay united.  We must stand as one and we must fight to protect our Constitution.  We all have seen and enjoyed the benefits of freedom, and now it's our god given duty to allow our children and our children's children to enjoy freedom as well.

The only way to do this is to stay united. While the U.S. is the last beacon of hope for freedom, the republican party is the last beacon of hope for the United States.  We must work hard for All Americans. We must have our priorities in the right order.  We must love God first, our country second, our families third, and everything else will follow.

We must be a united party and we must must be a United States of America.  Thankyou.  Rick Frea.

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