Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are Americans ready to give up Freedom?

Yesterday I asked a simple question:  would you be willing to sacrifice money to save freedom?  I know there are many of you who would answer that question with a flat out:  NO!  I know because I know some of you.

Why?  There may be several answers to that question.
  1. You don't believe there is a problem
  2. You think a national debt is the way out of a recession
  3. You don't believe a collapse of the U.S. market will result in the loss of freedom
  4. You put yourself first before your nation
  5. You don't care if the nation collapses
  6. You think it would be best to be part of the world market
  7. You don't understand the scope economics and government
  8. You don't care and you want what is yours

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