Monday, September 12, 2011

Things that are not unalienable rights

We here a lot of talk about unalienable rights, those rights that cannot be taken away.  Yet we also here folks talking about other rights that are not unalienable and they refer to them as though they were.  I'll provide you some examples of things that are not unalienable rights:

1.  A good job
2.  A good IQ
3.  Good health
4.  Good vision
5.  Retirement
6.  Good genes
7.  A good wife or husband
8.  A good marriage
9.  Handicap access
10.  Social security
11.  Green grass
12.  To fit in
13.  Virtues

These are not rights, although they are incentives to work hard and obtain a better life; although they are things that legislatures can give you and take away.

Unalienable rights are those rights you are born with, such as the right to air, food, shelter, choice, defend yourself, etc.

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